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Reimagining in-car interactions with TomTom Digital Cockpit

TomTom and Rightware are giving drivers unparalleled ways of using in-car features.

A good user interface (UI) is easy to overlook. It hides in the background of the seamless experience it provides – like a website that’s easy to navigate through. Conversely, bad UI really stands out, as it leaves us frustrated and unable to use the product the way that it was originally intended.

When it comes to making good UI, Rightware is one of the best. And while its heritage is in gaming and graphics, it’s now focused on elevating the in-car experience through cutting-edge graphics tools.

In a car context, UI is commonly referred to as a human-machine interface (HMI) and consists of both software and hardware, such as the steering wheel and the in-dash display – essentially, anything that lets you control its functions. When cars were just people movers, designing HMI was simple – but nowadays, as cars become more digitized and equipped with the latest tech, there’s a lot more thinking involved.

The next phase of in-car UI

TomTom Digital Cockpit will now benefit from Rightware’s all-in-one automotive HMI toolchain – Kanzi One. This market-leading UI framework enables carmakers to implement and run their own versions of display screens, creating an experience unique to their brand.

Kanzi One will help carmakers to build futuristic, holistic 2D and 3D UIs on top of TomTom Digital Cockpit’s foundational tools for HMI building and customization. Bringing powerful graphics and performance capabilities to the mix, Kanzi One enhances the TomTom Digital Cockpit platform and creates endless options for carmakers to design their digital cockpits.

All-inclusive compatibility

Kanzi One is fully compatible with Android, uniquely positioning it to grant manufacturers highly customizable user interfaces, which HMI developers can fine-tune with TomTom Digital Cockpit’s off-the-shelf advanced functionality for Android Automotive OS.

And while it seamlessly integrates with Android, Kanzi One also features cross-platform compatibility, delivering peak performance on any embedded device. This means the same UI elements are experienced and reused on every platform – keeping brand identity consistent across all displays and car models.

Providing a new playground for HMI developers

With Kanzi One, TomTom Digital Cockpit allows manufacturers to shift their focus from low-level details of software development to implementing a unique and engaging user experience. The enhanced workflow, visual editing, and rapid design cycles allow carmakers to reach the production stage for their own signature UI in less time, at a lower cost, and with smaller teams.

This partnership opens up many possibilities for carmakers to not only create intuitive UIs that are unique to their brand, but also compose seamless consumer apps and services across displays and integrate advanced functions such as virtual assistants and AI – features that, ultimately, forge a truly compelling in-car user experience.

TomTom’s Digital Cockpit platform is a perfect complement to Kanzi One, providing a powerful automotive software platform that includes, off-the-shelf, most services and application logic components needed for automakers to build future-looking user experiences with a real signature UI for the intelligent cockpit.

Freddie Geier
CEO, Rightware


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