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Qt and TomTom

Making the digital cockpit even more immersive

The digital cockpit embodies the future of driving – and for it to look and feel the part, it needs to be immersive, connected and seamless. That’s where Qt comes in.

Over one million developers around the world rely on the Qt framework. Its framework simplifies the creation of cross-platform UI applications that share a consistent aesthetic and similar functionality on a wide range of devices – from wearables and mobile devices to desktops and, of course, in-vehicle systems..

Because of this cross-platform architecture, Qt technology communicates with all the components that make up the TomTom Digital Cockpit – regardless of their underlying software – enabling advanced 2D and 3D graphics on every display in the cockpit. As an optimized UI creation environment for designers and developers to collaborate efficiently, Qt Design Studio enables the automatic conversion of graphic designs into fully functional, ready-to-deploy UI applications.

Qt technology, combined with the TomTom Digital Cockpit’s modular, highly customizable framework, gives carmakers complete control over the vehicle HMI (human-machine interfaces), empowering them to deliver state-of-the-art digital driving experiences unique to their brand.

Qt cross-platform technology enables the complete graphical and functional customization of the automotive HMI on any display, independently of the underlying technology. Its combination with TomTom Digital Cockpit’s ready-made services and APIs enables powerful, high-performing 2D and 3D graphics on Android-based systems for the creation of brand-defining, iconic digital experiences across all the screens of the car – including non-Android ones.

Miao Luo
Head of Automotive and Design Tools, The Qt Company


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A space where OEMs and Tier 1 suppliers are free to create the in-car experiences they want. A playground for developers to build the next big thing. Get on board and shape a better digital cockpit for all.

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Take your in-vehicle infotainment system to new places. Use our flexible, scalable SDK to integrate TomTom Digital Cockpit into any vehicle, and tailor our tech to different display and hardware configurations across multiple brands and car lines.

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