INAVI Systems and TomTom

TomTom Digital Cockpit helps you customize your driving environment with INAVI Systems.

Factors such as unfamiliar routes, traffic conditions and the behavior of other drivers on the road can often make driving an uncomfortable experience. Now, TomTom and INAVI Systems are teaming up to make driving safe and predictable.

INAVI Systems makes map digitization, map platforms and in-vehicle navigation accessible to various mobility markets. Over the past 20 years, it has been working to make in-car navigation easier by enhancing the value of digital maps.

Map it your way

With INAVI Navigation integrated directly into the TomTom Digital Cockpit, Korean drivers can choose from a range of map themes to customize their driving environment to their liking. Along with the basic 2D/3D map and Extreme Air 3D theme (a view that shows you real-image 3D aerial maps), they can animate the map using cartoon view, nature view and basic view among others.

INAVI Navigation also uses big data, real-time traffic data, CCTV, EV charging station information and POI data to show drivers reliable maps. It makes driving even more stress free by using V2X-based technology to send out Variable Message Sign (VMS) notifications and emergency vehicle dispatch notifications if needed.

Voice-powered navigation

TomTom ensures that drivers are always comfortable in their interactions with the Digital Cockpit. This is enabled through features like voice-powered controls. Using the Voice Personal Assistant (VPA) service, drivers can give voice commands to search for their destination, request a route and cancel a route even while they’re driving. They can also use this service to access information useful when driving, such as real-time traffic and weather data.

Collaborating on comfortable driving experiences

With TomTom and INAVI Systems working together to create customizable navigation solutions, drivers now have access to a safe and consistent experience, regardless of the variables. What’s more, it only took a few weeks for TomTom’s navigation system to be swapped out for INAVI Navigation in the Korean market. For carmakers, this collaboration enables seamless customization of offerings for the market they’re catering to.

Due to its open and flexible structure, the TomTom Digital Cockpit platform is the ideal playground for everyone in the automotive industry, ranging from carmakers and drivers to content providers and software development companies.

INAVI Systems supports a navigation solution optimized for the driver's comfort by providing various map modes and a voice-controlled driving environment. Now, INAVI System, which provides the leading navigation platform in South Korea, is further enhancing the capabilities of the TomTom Digital Cockpit. With INAVI Systems joining the growing ecosystem of navigation services offered by TomTom Digital Cockpit, carmakers can promise a personalized in-car experience that optimizes driver safety and comfort.

Deuk-young Sung
CEO, INAVI Systems


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