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HARMAN Ignite and TomTom

In-car digital ecosystems that prioritize both carmakers and drivers with TomTom Digital Cockpit.

As cars become more than a means of transportation, automakers are not only creating unique experiences in the car, but also intuitive digital ecosystems.

The interaction between carmakers and consumers doesn’t need to end when the latter drives away in their new car. Through its latest partnership with TomTom Digital Cockpit, HARMAN is giving automakers a chance to foster after-sales relationships with their customers.

Expanding possibilities for carmakers and drivers alike

HARMAN helps automakers curate an ecosystem of smart in-vehicle experiences for their customers. In keeping with the ongoing developments in the automotive industry, these software services facilitate a seamless transition between drivers’ digital lives and their vehicles. Compliant with Android Automotive OS, they power billions of mobile devices and systems that are connected, integrated and secure across all platforms.

The HARMAN Ignite Store is a leading Android-based app marketplace that's optimized for automotive. By allowing drivers to browse through a customized catalogue of brands, it helps OEMs create a driver experience that’s unique to their brand.

Focusing on what’s on the inside

Carmakers are realizing the importance of bringing drivers’ digital lives into the car, while also trying to leverage the potential of such functionalities to generate higher revenue than the hardware of the car itself. By partnering with HARMAN and giving carmakers the option to integrate HARMAN Ignite Store into their digital cockpits, TomTom Digital Cockpit will unlock lucrative digital revenue streams and new business models for OEMs.

To ensure this is done in a safe and secure manner, OEMs retain full control and ownership, deciding which apps and services are available in specific markets and on select vehicle models. Through a unique certification and approval process for apps and services, HARMAN Ignite Store makes sure they adhere to current security, safety and privacy guidelines. It also ensures that these experiences don't distract drivers and keeps eyes on the road.

Drivers get access to the top apps from various domains, thanks to the trusted ecosystem of HARMAN Ignite and TomTom Digital Cockpit content partners. Thanks to regular updates by OEMs, drivers and passengers can enjoy a dynamic driving experience that evolves at the pace of technology.

By enhancing the vehicle post-production and enabling upgrades with new apps and services, carmakers can create new revenue streams and foster an ongoing after-sales relationship with their customers.

Combining TomTom’s decades of connected vehicle experience with HARMAN Ignite Store’s award-winning digital in-car ecosystems, TomTom Digital Cockpit is creating an automaker-first approach to in-car entertainment, with the benefit and satisfaction of drivers at its very heart.


Be right where drivers need you

A space where OEMs and Tier 1 suppliers are free to create the in-car experiences they want. A playground for developers to build the next big thing. Get on board and shape a better digital cockpit for all.

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Take your in-vehicle infotainment system to new places. Use our flexible, scalable SDK to integrate TomTom Digital Cockpit into any vehicle, and tailor our tech to different display and hardware configurations across multiple brands and car lines.

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