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Cinemo and TomTom

A unique entertainment environment for every drive with TomTom Digital Cockpit.

One-stop media solution provider Cinemo is known for developing embedded playback and streaming solutions for the unique needs of automotive OEMs and Tier 1s alike.

Founded in 2008, over the years Cinemo has built an unbeatable reputation in the automotive infotainment industry. Cinemo’s customized middleware solutions boast of high-quality multimedia playback and streaming, media management, search and index content, award-winning Distributed Playback for sharing content across agnostic devices, and cutting-edge Cloud technologies delivering online audio and video content to the car.

In its latest collaboration, the global leader in vehicle multimedia software is expanding TomTom Digital Cockpit with its powerful, and high-quality embedded multimedia and streaming solution, serving both front and rear-seat entertainment functionality.

Never a dull moment in the car

A state-of-the-art multimedia system can transform every car ride, be it by providing the right soundtrack for a daily commute or through video content to keep passengers entertained during a long road trip. The TomTom Digital Cockpit comes equipped with in-vehicle entertainment functionality that is easy to integrate and can engage passengers for hours on end, thanks to Cinemo.

The Cinemo CARS Online Video enables Video on demand (VOD) playback on Android Automotive OS, independent of the Play Store. It allows users to access premium content as and when they want without a traditional video entertainment device. Using one central hub, they can easily find and view leading subscription VOD, transactional VOD, advertising-based VOD and linear TV services. TomTom Digital Cockpit users will also be spoiled for choice with the option to pick from a global database as well as personalized content recommendations.

Content can be accessed intelligently from pre-configured tiles. The services displayed on these tiles can be chosen by every TomTom Digital Cockpit customer, either individually or with pre-configuration provided by Cinemo.

This functionality supports playback of a wide variety of content, be it Digital Rights Management (DRM)-protected content (e.g. Disney+ and Amazon Prime Video) or non-protected content, such as YouTube videos.

Cinemo’s award-winning Distributed Playback technology also allows mirrored playback of the same video on multiple screens in a perfectly synchronized way, ensuring that passengers have an immersive in-car experience regardless of where they’re seated.

By bringing users’ favorite digital content into the car, Cinemo and TomTom allow passengers to set the vibe of their ride and turn the car into an on-the-go party.

With TomTom Digital Cockpit, carmakers can provide a futureproof infotainment system built on a platform that makes app development fun, easily testable and highly efficient. At Cinemo, we focus on taking the audio and video entertainment experiences that consumers love, into the car. In an industry where seeing and hearing is believing, enabling car vendors to actually feel the digital cockpit, is fundamental. With Cinemo solutions running on TomTom Digital Cockpit, we can do so within the context of a completely functional infotainment user experience.

Charly Lippoth
Director Global Infotainment Partnerships, Cinemo GmbH


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