Vehicle and asset tracking

Deliveries to track, vehicles to route, drivers to keep safe. Every day, fleet managers, logistics firms and mobility providers orchestrate an array of moving parts. Companies such as Targa Telematics, Simacan, Omnitracs, Dynalogic, IFS and SimpliRoute rely on TomTom to ensure things run smoothly and efficiently.
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Vehicle and Asset Tracking
Targa Telematics has always been at the forefront in supporting businesses to meet the consistently growing need of a more sustainable and secure approach to mobility. Through this deal with TomTom, our customers will continue benefiting from innovative solutions with outstanding coverage across Europe.

Giorgia Paladin
Head of Procurement, Targa Telematics

Geolocation technology for businesses on the move

Millions of vehicles across the world are tracked using TomTom geolocation technology. Our maps, traffic and algorithms power robust asset tracking applications to manage vehicles, helping your customers streamline operations, save money and boost safety.

Understand the location of assets

With detailed map content and powerful reverse geocoding, you can translate GPS coordinates into a meaningful geographical context, giving users full visibility into their fleets. Speed limit data helps drivers avoid costly fines. Geofencing sends alerts when vehicles display unusual behavior.

Create meaningful reports

Retrace the steps of drivers and assess driving behavior. Use extensive map attributes to analyze trips and uncover actionable insights into distance driven, speed violations and fuel consumption.

Build once, scale globally

With nearly 30 years’ experience serving this industry, TomTom is the partner for all your location technology needs. Datasets or APIs, our technology adapts to yours. We know how mission critical your applications are, which is why we offer a reliable and secure platform with global coverage and guaranteed availability.

Powerful APIs for all applications

TomTom APIs provide strong, scalable building blocks for asset tracking and management applications, adding a new layer of insight and control to operations. Whether you’re looking to track and trace deliveries in real time or plan more efficient routes for drivers, our geolocation technologies and map data suit a range of use cases.
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