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Fleet management and logistics

TomTom provides everything you need to build and optimize your fleet management software and services: global maps, logistics data, extensive traffic and speed limit data and maps APIs.
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The world’s largest fleet management and logistics software companies, including Webfleet Solutions, trust TomTom’s mapping services and geolocation technology for vehicle tracking and truck routing.
Targa Telematics has always been at the forefront in supporting businesses to meet the consistently growing need of a more sustainable and secure approach to mobility. With TomTom, our customers will continue benefiting from innovative solutions with outstanding coverage across Europe.

Giorgia Paladin
Head of Procurement, Targa Telematics
Because Hanson is dealing with heavy construction vehicles, it is imperative that we have the most current data regarding the road network. TomTom has addressed that need.

Nola Mead
GIS Specialist, Hanson

Boost your software and services

Get accurate, reliable map data and APIs, backed by three decades of experience serving the needs of fleet management and logistics software companies.

Reverse geocoding for vehicle and asset tracking

Access powerful reverse geocoding, geofencing and speed limit data to build the best vehicle and asset tracking functionality. Turn latitude and longitude into actionable insights with the TomTom Search API.
Reverse geocoding for vehicle and asset tracking

Detailed, up-to-date, accurate maps

Build a relevant map experience for your web or mobile application with TomTom Maps APIs. Access map content that provides the required level of detail – fresh and reliable on a global scale – thanks to world coverage and two billion monthly updates.
Detailed, up-to-date, accurate maps

Advanced logistics data for truck routing

Use our logistics data or integrate the TomTom Routing API into your software to get routes that optimize fuel consumption and avoid complex maneuvers and difficult roads, taking into account local laws, vehicle dimensions, cargo type and bridge and tunnel heights.
Advanced logistics data for truck routing

Speed limit data for compliance and safety

We collect detailed map attributes to provide verified speed limits, helping your customers understand driver behavior and know where speed violations occur.
Speed limit data for compliance and safety

Speed profiles for precise travel times

Count on precise and predictive route planning with our speed profiles, which are unmatched in the industry. Rely on our decades of compiling historical speed patterns on individual road segments for the best routes and reliable travel and arrival times.
Speed profiles for precise travel times

What makes us different?

Built for fleets

Unique features tailored for the needs of this segment, such as logistics datasets, truck routing and eco-routing.


Our technology stack adapts to your business. Use our hosted APIs, add our datasets to your software or combine them.

One-stop shop

Maps, geocoding, APIs, datasets: We have it all. Get everything you need with the geolocation technology specialist.


Our APIs are hosted on leading cloud platforms and handle millions of requests daily, with guaranteed availability.
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Why fleets and logistics companies trust TomTom

As the main location provider to the largest technology, telematics and automotive companies in the world, we are known for our reliability, the quality of our support and our ability to deliver on our commitments.
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