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Fleet management and logistics

TomTom helps develop and optimize your fleet management software and services with location solutions built for your fleet.

Set fleets up for successful deliveries

Help your customers plan fleet schedules effectively by identifying precise delivery locations and finding the most optimal routes based on factors such as fleet size. Our address database with 458 million+ address points can be used in your own geocoder or as a hosted service with our Search API.

Optimize planning with accurate travel times

Enhance fleet productivity and reduce waiting times with real-time traffic data. Utilize our Routing and Matrix Routing APIs or build your own software using TomTom's maps and predictive traffic datasets. Optimize fleet operations with our routing technology — built using our expertise in navigation and traffic.

Stay ahead of traffic

Outsmart volatile traffic conditions using live traffic data from 600 million connected devices. TomTom's award-winning traffic data helps you react promptly to disruptions, avoid traffic jams and road closures and communicate schedule changes in real time. Our predictive traffic insights empower you to make informed decisions about future routes and optimal departure times.

Help drivers navigate with ease

Empower drivers with mobile-first navigation using our modular Navigation SDK. With truck-specific routing, fleets can find custom routes for each vehicle, regardless of their size or the type of cargo they carry.

Retrace the steps of tracked assets

Stay in control of your assets with our tracking and routing APIs. Map their historical movements and tracked routes and store their locations on the cloud. Find most likely driven routes and calculate factors such as distance, time, energy and fuel consumption.

Predict speed violations

Mitigate operational risks and avoid reckless driving fines with our comprehensive legal speed limits data for any location point on the road. Detect potential speed violations by combining this data with a reconstructed route.

Stay in the know about your fleet's location

Ensure your assets are where they should be with TomTom's geofencing and tracking APIs. Manage virtual fences, create custom rules and receive alerts when a vehicle enters or leaves an area. Monitor for theft prevention and get custom notifications about significant movements.


Build with TomTom location tech

How leading customers build with TomTom location tech

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