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Fleet management and logistics

Vehicles to monitor, workers on the road, goods to deliver: If you assist business on the move, quality location technology is key. From truck routing to tracking assets and vehicles, managing fuel consumption and getting packages to the right door on time, TomTom is the number one provider of mapping services to the fleet management and logistics industry.
Success stories
The world’s largest fleet management and logistics software companies, including WebFleet Solutions, trust TomTom’s mapping services and location technology for vehicle tracking and truck routing, helping thousands of fleet managers optimize their operations.
Fleet management logistics track


Access powerful reverse geocoding, geofencing and speed limit data to build the best vehicle and asset tracking functionality. Track the fleet to reduce risk and ensure compliancy.
Fleet management logistics optimize


Leverage advanced logistics data, detailed address datasets and predictive traffic technology for fleet scheduling, route optimization and fuel consumption management. Drive efficiency and reduce operational costs.
Fleet management logistics execute


Get all you need – truck routing, energy-saving routes and traffic avoidance – to direct fleet drivers where they need to be in a fast, safe and efficient way.
Fleet management logistics customize


Choose what is best for you – our technology as hosted APIs or our mapping data integrated into your own platform – or a bit of a both. We work with you.
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Fleet specific technology
Nearly 30 years of experience serving the needs of professional fleet management and logistics software companies.
Heavy-duty geocoding

Heavy-duty geocoding

We turn your longitude and latitude into actionable insights with the TomTom Search API. Combine reverse geocoding with our Geofencing API to power your vehicle and asset tracking software. Our APIs are hosted on leading cloud platforms and handle millions of requests 24/7 – with guaranteed 99.9% availability.
Truck routing

Truck routing

We love trucks and we know that routing a truck is not the same as routing a car. Use TomTom logistics data or integrate our Routing API into your software to get routes that avoid complex maneuvers and difficult roads, taking into account local laws, vehicle dimensions, cargo type, and bridge and tunnel heights.
Speed limit & gradients

Speed limit & gradients

We collect detailed map attributes such as speed limits for trucks, gradients and turn curvature, enabling you to develop advanced driving-assistance applications.

Success stories from a moving world

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The number one Fleet Management company in Europe uses TomTom’s location technology to track and guide hundreds of thousands of professional drivers.
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