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Get the best routes and spot-on estimated times of arrival (ETAs) for cars, electric vehicles and trucks. From logistics to ride hailing and food delivery services, integrate maps and traffic data in your software or use our highly customizable TomTom Routing API for accurate routes and ETAs.

Whether it’s organizing multi-stop deliveries or the most efficient long-haul route, we have map and traffic data you can add to your routing engines. Or you can choose our Routing API to make it easy to plan the best way from A to B (and every stop in between). Our routing tech uses detailed map data together with predictive and real-time traffic data to help you guide fleets to their destinations on time, offer drivers and riders accurate ETAs and customize routes to fit your business needs.


Get on the right route

TomTom map and traffic data, and Routing API, are designed to meet your specific logistics and on-demand needs. Dispatch the right drivers at the right time with matrix routing. Cut fuel costs with eco-routing. Customize routes to your fleet’s vehicle dimensions, weight and cargo with truck routing.

Get accurate ETAs

Get custom routes for vehicles in your fleet. Integrate our maps and traffic data into your software or use our highly customizable TomTom Routing API to calculate accurate routes and ETA. All based on parameters set by you: vehicle type, traffic avoidance, departure time, freight type and more.

Make truck routing easier

Use our logistics data or integrate the TomTom Routing API into your software for routes that optimize fuel consumption and avoid complex maneuvers and difficult roads. Our custom truck routing takes into account local laws, vehicle dimensions, cargo type, and bridge and tunnel heights.

Predictive and live traffic

Annoyed when your delivery times are wrong? So are we. Start trusting ETAs again with TomTom traffic that’s live, predictive and powered by more than 600 million connected devices every day.

Find the reachable range with Routing API

Create the best match between drivers and location, with reachable range (isochrones). Now, you can tell how far they can go from a given location with certain energy, fuel or time constraints.

Matrix Routing

Add precision to your decisions by using distance matrix routing. Calculate distance, travel time and ETA to dispatch the right driver, at the right time, to the right place. One-to-many, many-to-one, many-to-many – all in one Routing API.

A trusted partner

Organizations large and small trust TomTom map data, traffic data and Routing API to manage their varying routing needs. Be it different software, different vehicle types or different parameters, get the right routing information with TomTom Routing API.


How ETAs work – and how to make them work for you

Take a deep dive into the world of ETAs, estimated travel times (ETTs) and other travel factors. Discover why TomTom location data is the secret ingredient behind some of the best routing algorithms on today’s market.

Routing API and Extended Routing API

Provide directions for cars, electric vehicles and trucks, enriched with real-time traffic information. The Routing API calculates the most accurate routes based on parameters set by you: vehicle type, traffic avoidance, waypoints, departure time and even freight type.

Waypoint Optimization API

Optimize the order of waypoints by fastest route for cars, vans, trucks and other vehicles. Use the optimized order of waypoints as input for your own routing engine or with TomTom Routing API to get the route, accurate ETAs and get going.

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