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Dynalogic and TomTom

Tracking last-mile deliveries down to the minute.

Dynalogic and TomTom

Reliable last-mile delivery is a key differentiator in logistics. With solutions powered by TomTom map data, Dynalogic helps companies lead the way.

Delivering on new demands

When you’re expecting a delivery – be it a new phone or your weekly grocery shop – nothing is more frustrating than having it fail to show up on time. Consumers have come to expect accurate estimated times of arrival (ETAs) and detailed visibility into their packages’ progress as standard.

Dynalogic helps companies meet these high expectations, providing full-service delivery for clients across Belgium, Luxembourg and the Netherlands. One of the cornerstones of its service offering is the MyDynalogic platform: a powerful track-and-trace solution that enables Dynalogic clients to give end-customers detailed information on deliveries.

Previously, Dynalogic relied on a third-party API vendor to support delivery tracking and ETA calculations for the MyDynalogic platform. With a growing number of clients requesting more up-to-date and precise ETA information, Dynalogic needed to sharpen the capabilities of its platform. A new partnership with TomTom offered just what the company needed to make it happen.

Right time, right place

After closely reviewing offerings from different providers, Dynalogic decided to make the change to TomTom location tech. Today, the company harnesses TomTom APIs to power incredibly accurate delivery routing, tracking and ETA calculations for the MyDynalogic track-and-trace platform.

To route deliveries quickly and efficiently to the right address, Dynalogic uses geocoding from the TomTom Search API to transform delivery addresses into precise latitude-longitude coordinates. It makes use of TomTom Maps APIs to display delivery routes and destinations on a map – giving MyDynalogic users clear, up-to-the-minute visibility into the location of any delivery at any time. And with the TomTom Routing API, Dynalogic plans routes that take live and historic traffic conditions into account – including road closures, average road speeds and traffic jams – to provide hyper-accurate journey times and ETAs.

Dynalogic and TomTom

Streets ahead

Since adopting TomTom tech, Dynalogic has significantly improved the performance of its track-and-trace platform. The company can now pinpoint the location of deliveries with greater precision, providing clients and their end-customers with detailed, up-to-date information on each order’s progress and ETA.

With improved visibility into the last mile of deliveries and optimized ETA calculations, Dynalogic empowers its clients to manage deliveries more efficiently and fulfill consumers’ rising expectations. Customers can easily follow their packages’ every move, giving them more confidence in the delivery process, and can trust that orders will arrive when expected, boosting their satisfaction and loyalty. It makes for a stand-out last-mile experience that puts Dynalogic’s clients well ahead of competitors and on track for lasting business success.

We’re very pleased with TomTom. The performance of our MyDynalogic Track & Trace app is way up. Customer feedback has also been very positive and that’s our main goal, a satisfied customer. TomTom has the right products, documentation and support needed for the supply chain industry.

Freek Corvers

Development Manager, Dynalogic

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