ADCi and TomTom

Faster emergency response with better route mapping.

Ambulance assistance on the road

American Digital Cartography Inc. (ADCi) and TomTom create a high-quality mapping solution to help emergency medical services (EMS) reach a critical patient quickly.

A pan-region mapping solution that works

Approximately 35% of all ambulance providers in the United States are run by a combination of private companies, non-profit organizations or hospitals that often lack access to the custom, locally-sourced GIS data available to government agencies. In the more rural areas of the country, the challenge is even greater since even governmental agencies lack quality, up-to-date map data for some of those regions. The government open data sites provide easier access to new map data, but it is a partial solution that comes with many limitations such as single city or county data or missing other essential details such as routing data.

TomTom and ADCi created a solution to get reliable, affordable, regularly updated map data into the hands of the emergency service professionals who work for small to mid-sized EMS providers. ADCi’s partner Code 3 Consulting helped the organization install TomTom data in the applications used by EMS providers.

Dashboard ADCi, powered by TomTom

Time-sensitive route-planning to save lives

The requirement was two-fold. The EMS had to efficiently locate the patient who needs help and find the best driving route to the location. The solution was to combine base map data from TomTom and ADCi to provide the EMS with quality, up-to-date maps, customized to their specific need and computer-aided dispatch (CAD) system. The greater quality of maps along with ancillary location data such as exit numbers and points of interest, leads to greater accuracy when locating and routing to the citizen in need.

Due to its extensive geographic coverage, TomTom data for fleets and logistics is available in urban and rural regions. This is vital for ambulance providers since, unlike fire and police departments, they often leave their primary service areas when transporting patients. TomTom map data is perfectly suited for fleets that require large and accurate coverage areas and can be crucial to finding an emergency anywhere on the map.

Having access to reliable map data is vital in emergency response. That’s why ADCi works with TomTom to support the map and traffic data needs of our clients.

Joe Roehl

President of ADCi

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