Building a better world is core to our business

At TomTom, corporate responsibility isn’t an afterthought or about checking a box. We are guided by our desire to create a better world. Our values and vision come through in our products and services, people and communities, and our business operations.

Road safety

More than 3,000 people die in road accidents every day. We are creating technologies that make driving safer – for both human drivers and self-driving cars.
TomTom Hazard Warnings push alerts
Safety is one of the key benefits of using navigation, and as control switches from human to machine, TomTom maps for automated driving are delivering greater safety and comfort to every (automated) drive.

Environmental impact

Using our traffic insights, we help people, cities, governments and businesses move more freely, with the goal of reducing emissions from driving. In addition to these efforts, we are also always looking for ways to reduce our own environmental footprint.
Environmental impact and sustainability
While our ADAS Map helps achieve up to 5% fuel savings on the road, we're always taking steps to improve sustainability internally at TomTom.



As a global multinational and multicultural company, we thrive on each other’s differences, encourage individuality and embrace self-expression. Our approach to diversity and inclusion focuses on diverse hiring; fair and equal growth opportunities; promotion of our inclusive work culture; and accountability to help us reach our diversity targets.
Diversity, inclusion and belonging
Cultivating a true culture of diversity, inclusion and belonging, makes TomTom better inside and out.

Giving back

Making a difference goes beyond our technologies at TomTom. We play an active role in the communities in which we live and work, with a focus on tech education, specifically women in tech. Our aim is to help shape a new, gender-balanced generation that is equipped with in-demand skills.
Volunteer program
After launching a successful paid-time-off volunteer program in the Netherlands, we’re rolling out the initiative globally.

Ethical business

We are a data-driven company that separates itself from competition through strict data privacy practices that are reflected throughout our organization, products and services.
Ethical business
We don't identify users, show ads or sell people’s data. We protect your personal data privacy, while making great products that help make driving safer and more comfortable.

Supporting global SDGs

Based on our five focus areas, we’ve committed to supporting three UN Sustainable Development Goals: quality education (4), gender equality (5), and sustainable cities and communities (11).
Quality education
Sustainable cities and communities
Gender equality