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At TomTom, we’ve united with the OpenStreetMap (OSM) community to embrace open data and collaborative mapmaking at a global scale. As we say, it takes the world to map the world, and OSM plays a pivotal role. We’re thrilled to be involved, actively promoting knowledge sharing and map editing in the community. Check out our latest OSM events, resources, podcasts and more below.

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See what’s happening and sign up for an event. We are always adding new events so be sure to keep checking back for new opportunities to connect, learn and grow together. We’ll see you soon! 

Documentation and training resources

Explore TomTom’s GitHub for open data and learn more about our key OSM community services. 

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TomTom joins the OpenStreetMap Foundation as its first Platinum Member 

Mar 16, 2023 · 3 min read

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Explainers And Insights

Open mapping and OSM’s sisterhood, according to TomTom’s OSM community manager

Mar 08, 2023 · 9 min read

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Behind The Map

‘Collaboration is the future of mapmaking’: TomTom and Overture speak at OSM’s State of the Map 2023 

Nov 16, 2023 · 3 min read

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Geoffrey Kateregga (OSM Africa), March 19, 2024

Geoffrey Kateregga is a prominent figure in OSM Africa, with a focus on Uganda. He’s also the Community Projects Lead at HOTOSM. In this episode, we explore his experiences and discuss the upcoming Global State of the Map 2024 Conference, set to take place in Kenya this September

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