The Navigation Data Standard enables standardised and flexible incremental updates and guarantees flexible, up-to-date maps.

TomTom is an industry leader in map delivery formats that are not only incremental map update capable but are also fast, efficient and easy-to-use. As an industry leader in Navigation Data Standard (NDS), TomTom offers modular, plug-and-play maps ready for use in NDS software applications.

For non-NDS platforms TomTom offers MultiNet-R, the next generation of MultiNet. This format delivers all of the high quality content layers of the TomTom map database in a single and easy-to-use intermediate format data model.

Our Map Content API provides streaming maps with total flexibility and access to the fastest possible map changes.

TomTom offers a global coverage of NDS products, leading to cost-efficient compilation and shorter time to market for installed navigation map.

We deliver incremental map updates through direct access to the TomTom map production system, leading to short cycles for bringing updates provided by our community, to the end users.

We leverage the NDS technology to enable the entire TomTom navigation portfolio, including NavKit, IQ Routes, cloud navigation, and TomTom Traffic.

TomTom is part of the NDS Association

TomTom is a founding member of the NDS Association, which assembles leading automotive, navigation, and mapping companies from around the world.

The innovative NDS design builds on the embedded SQLite technology. It supports advanced technologies for connected navigation and is continually validated through broad adoption, implementation and deployment.

Key benefits of NDS maps:

  • The ability to deliver incremental map updates.
  • Flexible content management resulting in lower storage costs
  • Faster time to market
  • The standard provides simpler and faster map compilation with visibility on quality

  • Modular data structure supports feature upgrades, such as download of 3D content layer, supporting map personalisation and new business models and up-selling opportunities
  • Map updates in terms of change-only information, leading to a massive reduction of map update sizes and enabling over-the-air map update delivery