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HD Map

Our market-leading HD map improves sensor perception, enables precise localization and improves path planning to safely execute every maneuver.

Precise HD maps for safe autonomous driving

For automated driving to be safe, you need detailed HD maps that are constantly updated. With driving gradually shifting from humans to machines, the role and scope of digital maps must go beyond turn-by-turn navigation and be built specifically for self-driving vehicles. The TomTom HD Map is the next generation, delivering highly accurate, up-to-date and realistic representations of the road.


Market-leading technology for automated driving

We pioneered commercial high-definition (HD) mapmaking, and we have been leading the way ever since. Today, we are a market leader for HD and automated driving (AD) map tech. TomTom’s HD Map has been successfully integrated into R&D projects at 9 of the top 10 global carmakers and over 10 million vehicles on the road use our maps for AD. We were the first company to offer broad highway coverage across the U.S., Europe and East Asia – and continue to expand our AD coverage and features.

Extended sensor range

The TomTom HD Map works with the vehicle’s onboard sensors to validate and prioritize the info they provide. Our map gives context to the vehicle’s surroundings, acting as a safety net that sees road signs, lights and around corners.

Improved sensor perception

Is it a tail light, traffic light or street light? In complex environments, the TomTom HD Map helps locate and identify signs, lights, poles and other objects to help self-driving vehicles make sense of their surroundings.

Sensor-agnostic localization layers

A self-driving car needs to know where it is at all times, especially in poor weather. The TomTom HD Map helps vehicles know their exact location on the road – down to the centimeter. TomTom RoadDNA works with any sensor layout to enhance positioning with localization map layers that contain multiple sets of format-friendly data.

Safer path planning

Changing lanes, taking exits and other on-the-road maneuvers are complex for self-driving vehicles. The TomTom HD Map helps vehicles plan a path along any route and execute it safely.

How do we efficiently deliver the latest TomTom HD Map? TomTom AutoStream.

To ensure the automated driving system has access to the latest road information, we developed the TomTom AutoStream delivery service, which efficiently provides the most recent and relevant HD map data. AutoStream comes with onboard client software and can be extended with an ADASIS horizon provider, which communicates map content to ADAS ECUs in the vehicle using a standard data format. This makes TomTom AutoStream a complete, ready-for-integration solution.

TomTom HD Map

Most complete

To improve driver safety in all automated driving scenarios, a comprehensive product portfolio is needed. Therefore, TomTom has developed detailed and accurate HD maps, as well as ADAS maps for driver assistance, AutoStream for efficient map delivery, onboard client software and more.

Proven technologies

With 30 years of map-making experience, 10 million ADAS customers and the TomTom HD Map used for OEM L2-3 projects, we are the market leader. This grants us unique insights how HD maps contribute to safe autonomous driving and make us the most reliable and proven HD map partner.

Fastest HD Maps

Safe autonomous driving rely on fast maps that minimize time from a change in reality to map updates. TomTom's transactional map-making engine, AutoStream and multi-source HD mapping of combining professional data with crowdsourced input, lead to faster updates for highest quality maps.

HD Map product sheet
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