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TomTom AutoStream

Helping automated vehicles see the road ahead.
TomTom AutoStream quickly and automatically streams the latest data from the TomTom Cloud to ensure automated vehicles are driving with the most accurate and up-to-date ADAS and HD map content.
Features and benefits
TomTom AutoStream is a complete solution that includes an on-board software component with smart logic, significantly simplifying and shortening time to market for autonomous driving systems.

Flexible design

TomTom AutoStream powers both lower and higher automation functions, thanks to a flexible design that allows you to customize the map data stream based on criteria such as sensor configuration and horizon length.

Choice of ADAS or HD Map

Depending on use case and desired function, you can decide which map data – ADAS or HD – to use. The TomTom HD Map powers functions like Highway Pilot and the TomTom ADAS Map enables such driver-assistance features as predictive cuise control.

Efficient map streaming

TomTom AutoStream delivers compressed map tiles along a chosen route or most probable path (MPP) over a cellular network. To reduce latency, network dependency and data consumption, TomTom AutoStream proactively downloads and caches map tiles for the road ahead.

ADASIS v3 horizon

TomTom AutoStream enables vehicles to build an ADADIS horizon for the road ahead by automatically streaming the latest map data from the TomTom cloud to the vehicle’s automated system.
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