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For automated driving to be safe, you need detailed maps that are constantly updated. TomTom AutoStream enables fast, efficient delivery of TomTom maps for all levels of automated driving.
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TomTom AutoStream efficiently and securely delivers the latest map data from the TomTom cloud to advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS) and automated driving (AD) functions. It increases AD safety by ensuring that in-vehicle applications always have access to the most up-to-date HD and ADAS map content.

Features and benefits

Complete, cost-effective map delivery for automated driving
TomTom AutoStream consists of an online service and onboard client software, designed to deliver map content rapidly and reliably with minimal data and integration costs. It can be adapted to serve all levels of automation and supports multiple functions, ranging from Intelligent Speed Assistance to safety-critical AD use cases.

Flexible design

TomTom AutoStream scales across all levels of AD thanks to its flexible design and re-usable client software. You have full control over which map layers to deliver. This scalability makes it easier to add new functions and quickly build on previous development.
Flexible design

Freedom to choose

You decide which map data – ADAS or HD – to deliver with TomTom AutoStream. The HD map powers functions like Highway Pilot, and the ADAS map enables driver assistance functions such as Predictive Powertrain Control (PPC). AutoStream is also included as a pre-integrated component of TomTom RoadCheck.

Designed to be data efficient

TomTom AutoStream delivers compressed map tiles along a chosen route or most probable path (MPP) over a cellular network. To reduce latency, network dependency and data consumption, AutoStream allows for proactive downloading and caching of map tiles.
Efficient map streaming

Extended with ADASIS horizon

TomTom AutoStream can be extended easily and cost-effectively with a virtual horizon, compliant to ADASIS v2 or v3 standards. This allows an automated vehicle to anticipate the road ahead and plan its path accordingly.
ADASIS horizon

Fresh map data, delivered fast

By using smart compilation techniques and fast map data delivery, TomTom AutoStream minimizes reality to map (R2M) time – the time between when a change happens on the road and when it is delivered to the vehicle. The shorter the R2M, the more accurate the map and the safer it is for AD applications to rely on.
 Smart compilation techniques and fast map data delivery
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