TomTom ADAS Map
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TomTom ADAS Map

Map content for safer predictive advanced driver assistance systems.

The TomTom ADAS Map helps driver assistance systems anticipate the road ahead

Advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS) are becoming increasingly available across all car lines to improve safety, comfort and fuel savings through engine efficiency. The latest generation of ADAS leverages data from the navigation map to anticipate the road ahead, allowing ADAS to make decisions like humans do.
The TomTom ADAS Map content provides highly accurate information, including: gradient, curvature and speed limits – all backed by our connected global coverage.
Like a human driver, this content allows ADAS to accurately anticipate changes on the road ahead.
Features and Benefits
Automated driving technology that sees beyond the road ahead
The TomTom ADAS Map improves drivers’ safety and comfort, optimizing powertrain efficiency by providing highly accurate content of the road ahead for driver assistance systems.
Predictive powertrain control

Predictive powertrain control

Helps fleet and logistics companies save significantly on fuel. Curvature and other changes in the road ahead increase driving comfort, helping OEMs build trust with drivers.
Highway assist

Highway assist

Partially automates the driving experience by controlling acceleration, braking and steering in highway traffic, using adaptive cruise control with lane keeping assist.
Eco-routing and range calculation

Eco-routing and range calculation

The TomTom ADAS Map plans the most efficient route to optimize engine strategy and enables predictive powertrain control, achieving fuel savings up to 5%.
Lane guidance

Lane guidance

Informs drivers of lane markings and upcoming maneuvers, such as lane departure warnings, lane keep assist and lane change assistance.
Intelligent speed assistance

Intelligent speed assistance

Advanced speed control creates a more comfortable and safer journey, and enables smarter route planning. The TomTom ADAS Map contributes to Euro NCAP vehicle safety ratings and new European legislation with accurate speed restriction content.
Lane departure warning

Driver assistance warnings

Helps drivers anticipate the road ahead to increase safety and make the driving experience more comfortable.
Our ADAS Map is maintained via a mix of survey vehicles, sensor data and government sources, with updates release by CPP, our map-making engine. Updates are in Multinet-R map format.
Millions of vehicles relying on our ADAS Map are safer today. Thanks to 30 years of experience, stringent quality targets, our visualization, demo and evaluation tools, more OEMs choose us as a partner.
We cover all levels of automated driving, with our market-leading dynamic services that warn of road works, lane-level traffic and jams. TomTom Vehicle Horizon exposes changes and dynamic content.
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