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The TomTom ADAS Map improves safety and eco-performance of driver assistance systems.
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Advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS) are being implemented across all car lines to improve safety, comfort and eco-performance by saving fuel or battery usage.

The latest generation of ADAS leverages map data to anticipate the road ahead. TomTom ADAS Map content provides high-quality information, including: gradient, lanes, curvature and speed limits. Backed by global coverage, our map currently powers 3 million level 1-2 driver assistance systems.

Features and Benefits

Automated driving technology that sees beyond limited sensor range
The TomTom ADAS Map improves drivers’ safety and comfort, and optimizes powertrain efficiency to boost eco-performance. This is done by enabling driver assistance systems to anticipate speed limits and the road geometry ahead.
Highway assist

Curvature and gradient

Enables predictive cruise control systems that proactively brake and accelerate based on highly accurate curvature and gradient information of the road ahead.

Lane information

To improve guidance at highway junctions, automated lane change use cases and speed control at roundabouts, the TomTom ADAS Map contains such information as lane count, curvature at junctions and lane divider type.
Intelligent speed assistance

ADAS speed limits

Our ADAS Map contains explicit and implicit speed limit information for road segments to reduce overspeeding and increase safety. This is essential to meet Intelligent Speed Assistance and 5-star Euro NCAP rating requirements.

Traffic signs and traffic lights

To improve guidance and display warnings, such as overtaking, our map contains dozens of traffic sign and light locations. Made available in a consistent manner across global markets, this information increases awareness of driver assistance systems.

Expanding global coverage with guaranteed quality

The TomTom ADAS Map, launched in 2012, is continually expanding in coverage and quality as the reliance of driver assistance systems on digital maps continues to grow.

Standalone or integrated deployment

The TomTom ADAS Map can be delivered as a standalone solution or as part of navigation map for all driver assistance applications to increase safety across all car lines and vehicle architectures.
How do we simplify integration of our ADAS Map into driver assistance applications? TomTom Vehicle Horizon.
To ensure our ADAS Map data is communicated over the vehicle network for easier integration, we developed the TomTom Vehicle Horizon. This is a digital horizon of the road ahead, with a main path for the current or predicted route. Across this route, the relevant ADAS map feature values such as road curvature values are exposed. The Vehicle Horizon is highly configurable to match application needs and available in proprietary, ADASIS v2 mini or industry-standard ADASIS v2 format.

Highest quality

speed limits

The ADAS map speed limits are among the highest quality in the industry, based on continuous benchmarking and stringent quality requirements in map production.



Millions of vehicles relying on our ADAS Map are safer today. Thanks to 30 years of experience, stringent quality targets, our visualization, demo and evaluation tools, more carmakers choose us as a partner.



We cover all levels of automated driving, with market-leading responsive services that warn of road works, lane-level traffic and jams. TomTom Vehicle Horizon exposes changes and dynamic content.
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