TomTom Traffic

TomTom Traffic provides accurate information about traffic jams and delays expected on the planned route, helping drivers make better decisions that save time, reduce stress and make the roads a safer place

Real-time updates with great accuracy

TomTom Traffic is an accurate, real-time traffic information service driven by more than 550 million connected devices and collects over 5 billion traffic measurements a day. It gives drivers highly accurate information enabling better route calculation (including continuous rerouting) and ETA using the OpenLR™ technology. At the same time, it aims to minimise OEM system requirements in terms of bandwidth consumption, processing power and memory.

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TomTom's solution for better ETAs

The number of vehicles on the road network is increasing, congestion is building and travel times are lengthening. Drivers are faced with congestion more frequently, and users of mapping and navigation applications are seeking ways to save time getting to their destinations.

Fusion Engine

To maintain the high quality and road coverage of TomTom Traffic, we use a range of sources in our fusion engine to generate real-time traffic information. The precise mix of sources varies by geographic market.

Our fusion engine intelligently combines the data from all available sources every 30 seconds into a database with both traffic flow and incident data for the entire road network.

Real-time traffic alerts help towards a jam-free journey

TomTom Traffic can send multiple updates per minute to the navigation system. Moreover, it will adjust the ETA and also propose an alternative route accordingly to the current traffic conditions. The Route Bar, developed by our UX experts, displays traffic alerts such as Jam Ahead Warnings that highlight the precise location of a traffic jam and provide alerts allowing drivers to drive more safely.

TomTom Traffic is a global solution. Our service is currently available in more than 75 countries in Europe, the Americas, Africa, the Middle East and Asia, including a recent expansion to Bahrein and Israel. We are committed to expanding to more countries across all continents.

Lane-level traffic at junctions enables accurate ETAs

TomTom Traffic can warn drivers about lane-level congestion and slow moving traffic, for example due to heavy rain or snow. TomTom Connected Navigation recognizes bad weather and calculates the effect on traffic flow and delays, even if the delays are considered severe enough to be classified as a traffic jam.

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