Tomtom Advanced Driving Attributes

TomTom offers essential building blocks for ADAS through its Advanced Driving Attributes (ADA) map product. This is an additional layer of data for automated driving on top of our navigation map.

The ADA layer contains height, curvature and slope information for highest road classes across major automotive markets. Moreover, our maps also contain other relevant content for ADAS such as speed limits, lane markings and 30+ traffic sign types. This allows for predictive and smarter decision making, increasing safety and efficiency for drivers.

Using TomTom Advanced Driving Attributes for ADAS

When on the road, there is nothing more important than knowing what’s coming next. Therefore, the TomTom ADA and other relevant map data are used in a so-called ADAS horizon constructed by the car’s navigation system. Based on the map data, including speed limits, cornering profiles, and road gradient the optimal driving speed can be calculated. This can be used by ADAS functions, such as ACC, predictive cornering lights and energy management systems.

The Advanced Driving Attributes are collected by Mobile Mapping (MoMa) vans which use high-end mapping and positioning equipment. The freshness of data is maintained by TomTom through a weekly internal update cycle to publish any available content. ADA has best-in-class accuracy for mission-critical applications.


For drivers:

  • The horizon anticipates what drivers will need next.
  • Predictive input reduces possible machine-like feel of ADAS.
  • Enhances driving comfort and safety.
  • Reduces fuel consumption up to 6% (from real market data).
  • Reduces the risk of accidents.

For OEM customers

  • ADAS map data is modular and be used in different system implementations.
  • Speed limit data is a requirement by safety rating agency NCAP.
  • Available in NDS format and proprietary formats.