Mapping the Road to Autonomous Driving

TomTom is building mapping technologies for automated vehicles to help automakers and suppliers make autonomous driving a reality.

TomTom Powers Automated Driving

Autonomous driving will not only completely transform the way people travel but also improve the safety, comfort and efficiency of vehicles to a level beyond imagination. Innovations in vehicle sensors, processing power and digital maps are driving the autonomous vehicles revolution. Leveraging more than a decade of experience in digital mapping and location-based services, TomTom is developing innovative technologies to power autonomous vehicles.

Building Trust into Automated Driving

The immense promises that autonomous driving holds do not solely depend on significant advances in technology, but also on user acceptance. This means we need to build trust into innovation, ensuring users believe in the technology and feel safe when using it. With autonomous driving, the challenge is to educate drivers to trust the technology, to drive adoption. At TomTom, we are addressing this challenge by designing next generation maps that ensure autonomous vehicles are always aware of their exact location, environment and drivable path, with high levels of accuracy, robustness and reliability.

Building Better ADAS and Autonomous Driving with HD Maps

As the race towards autonomous driving intensifies, TomTom is developing innovative technologies to power autonomous vehicles. An example of that is HD Maps, a crucial component in autonomous driving systems. The TomTom HD Map allows automated vehicles to precisely locate themselves on the road, to build a detailed model of the surrounding environment working together with the vehicle sensors, and to plan their path to destination.  TomTom HD Maps are not limited to autonomous driving, but can also be leveraged to fulfill a broad range of ADAS applications such as Predictive Powertrain Control, Highway Pilot, and Adaptive Cruise Control.

The TomTom HD Maps enable localization, path planning and perception, working in conjunction with the on-board sensors, and as a result make ADAS and autonomous driving safer, trustworthy and more comfortable. Building, delivering and maintaining HD Maps in a scalable and robust way is a complex process that requires expertise and advanced mapping capabilities. TomTom has been building HD Maps for automotive applications since 2015, and today TomTom is a global leader in HD Map coverage, with more than 380,000 km of HD Map across Europe, the United States and Japan.

To make autonomous driving a reality, TomTom is working with a global network of partners including:

TomTom Advanced Driving Attributes

TomTom HD Map with RoadDNA

TomTom AutoStream

  • The TomTom Advanced Driving Attributes (ADA) represent a detailed representation
    of the road geometry. ADA contains height, curvature and slope data to power
    predictive ADAS functions.

  • The TomTom HD Map is a highly accurate and realistic representation of the road,
    allowing autonomous vehicle to “see beyond sensors”, for a safe and comfortable
    driving experience.

  • TomTom AutoStream is an innovative map delivery system for automated driving.
    AutoStream enhances driver safety by ensuring the map used to power automated
    driving functions is always the latest, and helps shorten time to market for companies
    developing automated driving applications.