TomTom's autonomous test vehicle hits the road

TomTom software and technologies increase safety and comfort in automated vehicles around the world. We engineered our very own, self-driving test vehicle to continually improve these technologies – including the industry-leading TomTom HD Map and its car-to-cloud-to-car map update services: TomTom Roadagrams and TomTom AutoStream. See the car in action below.
Trillian into the wild

What technologies power full autonomy?

Our car sees through LiDARs, radars and stereo cameras. Combined with a highly intelligent, software-powered brain, the TomTom HD Map enables the car to see far beyond these sensors and make smarter decisions more efficiently. Watch the video below to learn more.
Trillian behind the scenes
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TomTom HD Maps
TomTom HD Map
Our market-leading HD map improves sensor perception, enables precise localization and improves path planning to safely execute every maneuver.