TomTom is using Coupa for managing all our indirect spend. As part of using Coupa we offer our suppliers 3 ways of working with us, which are all free of charge. Here we provide some information about the 3 options.

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Coupa Supplier Portal (CSP)

The CSP is a free tool for suppliers to easily do business with customers who use Coupa. The CSP makes managing customers and transactions easy. In the Coupa Supplier Portal you can view purchase orders and create product catalogs to optimize the buying experience for your customers.

Next to this, in the CSP you can check the status of transactions, send advance shipping notifications (ASN’s) and turn your orders into invoices or credit notes.

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Supplier Actionable Notifications (SAN)

When we place an order, our suppliers will usually receive an email notification. Our emails include supplier actionable notifications, which allows our suppliers to perform actions right from the email. These actions include acknowledging the purchase order, creating an invoice or adding a comment to a PO.


cXML refers to a direct electronic connection between two IT / ERP systems (yours and ours). This enables an automatic, electronical exchange of order and invoicing data. This way of connection applies when TomTom uses Coupa to connect to a punch out product catalog hosted by our suppliers.

Order confirmations

We ask our suppliers to confirm the orders by pressing the "acknowledge PO" button on top of the email. By doing so, you will have the opportunity to suggest adjustments to the order. Please use the PO number on all your correspondence with us.

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