TomTom chose Coupa for all indirect procurement. Coupa delivers industry leading technology which provides both TomTom and our suppliers great transparency of invoices and transactions, it enables us to pay your invoices faster and it improves the user experience for suppliers doing business with TomTom.

Coupa onboarding

Coupa is a cloud-based solution which allows companies to do business in a more integrated way. Suppliers can use Coupa to manage their product offering to customers by creating (customer specific) catalogs or provide a connection to your ecommerce website through punchout catalogs. TomTom can benefit from your product catalogs as it will be easier and faster to create an order.

Suppliers who want to utilize the options provided by Coupa will need to get onboarded. In the onboarding process, TomTom will send you an invitation email which will provide you a link to register in the Coupa Supplier Portal. There are no costs involved for suppliers.

Also if you have no product catalog to offer, Coupa provides advantages for both TomTom and suppliers. The Coupa Supplier Portal provides options to monitor our orders, turn our orders into compliant e-invoices and monitor the payment status of your invoice.

For more supplier related information about Coupa please find the following link:

Coupa for Suppliers

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