TomTom EV Charging Stations Availability and Routing Services
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TomTom EV Charging Stations Availability and Routing Services

Our EV services – TomTom EV Charging Stations Availability and Route Planning services - reduce range anxiety by optimizing routes to save energy and guiding drivers to in-range, compatible, available charging stations.

We are helping drivers make the switch to electric vehicles

Electric vehicles (EVs) are becoming more popular, but charging infrastructure is still catching up. This increases range anxiety, the worry that an EV’s battery will die before reaching a charging station, and one of the main barriers to purchasing an EV.

TomTom EV Services are making EV use more convenient by providing eco-routing and real-time information about charging stations’ infrastructure and availability. With TomTom, EV drivers can plan trips with confidence.

Features and benefits

EV route planning

EV route planning

TomTom routing data assesses expected traffic and vehicle type to estimate how much energy is needed to travel. Our exclusive eco-routing calculates energy-efficient routes and shows available charging stations along the way.
EV charging stations map coverage

EV charging stations map coverage

We have the largest EV map coverage with 330,000+ charging points in 50 countries throughout Europe, the Americas, the Middle East and Asia.
EV charging stations infrastructure

EV charging stations infrastructure

We provide an all-in-one EV infrastructure solution for all makes and models of electric vehicles.
EV charging station finder

In-range EV station finder

Drivers know how far they can go based on accurate energy consumption calculations, route characteristics, and current and predicted traffic.
Real-time EV charging availability

Real-time availability

To save time and energy, we show EV drivers real-time availability of charging stations. No more going from one charging station to another in search of available plugs.
On-demand EV charging

On-demand information

In addition to locations, hours, payment methods and access restrictions, drivers can search for available stations that support their vehicle’s make and model, connector type, and maximum charging power.
EV ecosystem
TomTom’s accurate information about station availability enables EV drivers to make informed decisions about where to charge their vehicle, optimizing time and energy.
Our award-winning EV services provide up-to-date fixed and dynamic EV charging station information in real-time.
We enable drivers to confidently plan the most optimal route by showing EV charging stations on the way, taking the vehicle’s specific charging needs into account.
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