Customer story

Volkswagen Group

TomTom and the Volkswagen Group further strengthen their global ties. CARIAD, the Volkswagen Group’s automotive software and technology company, will work with TomTom to co-develop the next-gen navigation.

Collaboration for the digital cockpit

TomTom’s expertise in hybrid navigation and industry-leading traffic services combined with CARIAD’s expertise in user experience and vehicle integration is set to create a new best-in-class navigation product.

Millions of Volkswagen Group cars in Europe are already equipped with TomTom’s Real-Time Traffic feature. TomTom Traffic provides straightforward, up-to-date information on the traffic situation, tailbacks, incidents and traffic jam clearances. Traffic data is gathered in real time and online. Based on the situation of the roads, dynamic street guidance takes possible time savings into account.

TomTom is now developing an inclusive navigation solution that will integrate flawlessly with CARIAD’s unified software and hardware platform within the Volkswagen Group’s digital cockpits. The first models showcasing this next-generation technology will be electric, hitting the road in 2023. These models will benefit from TomTom’s hyper-precise EV Range and Routing. There are also other pioneering features being developed such as lane level navigation, lane dependent traffic, and a more advanced and personalized EV experience.

By 2030, CARIAD aims to connect up to 40 million vehicles globally to Volkswagen Group’s Automotive Cloud. By leveraging Volkswagens Group’s global fleet size and making use of its data, CARIAD will continuously improve the quality and coverage of the navigation services.