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Hyundai Motor Group

TomTom, Hyundai and Kia disrupt the market with the first seven-year connected service offer in Europe.
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Hyundai in-car navigation system
TomTom Traffic enhances the driving experience of Hyundai and Kia car owners
Hyundai drivers have access to TomTom’s LIVE Services in their on-board navigation systems. These services include TomTom Traffic, TomTom Local Search, TomTom Speed Cameras and TomTom Weather. The integration of the suite of TomTom’s LIVE Services helps Hyundai and Kia drivers to save time on the road by identifying the fastest route for each journey using real-time traffic information. They also receive alerts about fixed and mobile speed cameras, as well as location-specific information on local shops, services and businesses, and prevailing weather reports. TomTom’s LIVE Services are available on the new AVN 2.0 navigation systems.
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7 years free

Tomtom Traffic

  • Up-to-date traffic information
  • Updated every 2 minutes
  • Covers the whole road network

Speed Cameras

  • Safety Alerts
  • Fixed or mobile alerts, spot locations or zones
  • Dangerous zone (fixed and mobile) in France

Local Search Service

  • Shops, services, businesses
  • 550 categories
  • Keyboard search or free text

Weather Service

  • Overall weather information e.g weather types, temperature, rainfall
  • 5 days forecast
  • Global coverage
TomTom services featured on Hyundai-Kia models include: