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Automated driving

TomTom technology is making automated driving (AD) safer, more efficient and comfortable.

TomTom technology helps vehicles plan ahead and provides a safety net to sensors when visibility and conditions are poor, making AD even safer. Scalable and cost effective, our technology seamlessly integrates with internal systems and currently powers over three million automated vehicles around the world.

TomTom technology is key to automated driving reaching its full potential

Increased safety

Our AD technology looks beyond the limited range of car sensors to anticipate upcoming speed limit changes, sharp curves and complex intersections. TomTom AutoStream, RoadCheck and Hazard Warnings round out our product portfolio, providing a holistic approach to safety that's unmatched by any of our competitors.

More comfortable driving

Automation increases driver comfort by taking over the tiring aspects of driving. TomTom ADAS and HD Maps cover all levels – L0 to L5 – of automation. Our ADAS map powers many AD use cases, including: Predictive Powertrain Control, Predictive Cruise Control and Intelligent Speed Assistance. Our HD map is helping make full AD safe and reliable.

Improved efficiency

Our AD technology helps vehicles anticipate the road ahead, making driving smoother and more efficient. When cars understand the curvature and gradient, they're able to plan the most efficient route. Seeing what’s coming also makes it possible to merge at just the right time, improving fuel efficiency for the Internal Combustion Engine (ICE), electric and hybrid vehicles.

A complete system for all levels of driving

Map data for every automated driving function

Traffic sign warnings, driver assistance systems and AD on highways, the required context is provided by our maps to improve sensor perception, precise localization beyond the accuracy for GNSS and plan the next maneuver.

Accurate, detailed data collection

We pioneered digital mapping and continue to lead the way with our High Definition (HD) maps for AD. Our diverse multi-source approach, ultra-modern survey mapping technology and decades of insights make for the industry’s leading map-making platform.

Streaming data delivery from the cloud

After our complete maps are (quickly) created, they are streamed to the vehicle. Using cloud-native technology, we then deliver the necessary map data to the vehicle or driver for all levels of AD.

Process real-time data in milliseconds

To minimize the time between a detected change in reality to updating the map, we complement our surveys with professional sources, car sensor data and community data from 600+ million vehicles. The map data snippets from car sensor data are called Roadagrams. These sensor derived observations (SDOs) are sent over the air to the TomTom cloud to make map updates in real time.

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