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TomTom maps

Our maps have moved the world for over 30 years. Whether it’s transporting drivers and goods safely and efficiently, gaining visibility over a fleet, routing electric vehicles, improving estimated times of arrival, or supporting something that’s never been done before, fresh, accurate maps and location data are key to solving problems core to our partners’ businesses.

Mapping what matters most to users

Billions of people around the globe rely on TomTom geolocation data. It powers some of the most ubiquitous geolocation apps woven into the fabric of daily life. Working with partners like Microsoft, Stellantis, Uber, Volkswagen Group and Hyundai Kia, we help people understand their place in the world so they can go further in it.

When it happens in the world,

it’s reflected in our map

The only constant in mapmaking is change. Roads and cities are always evolving. New businesses, buildings and addresses pop up every day. To ensure our maps mirror the world, we include community input from partners that’s processed, analyzed and verified with AI and machine learning. All to deliver a map that’s as close to real time as possible.

TomTom Navigation Map

A highly detailed map that’s trusted by the world’s biggest companies to provide guidance and coverage to users in over 200 countries and territories.

TomTom HD Map

The brain to cameras’ eyes, our HD map improves sensor perception, enables precise localization and improves path planning to safely execute every maneuver.

TomTom ADAS Map

Proven to improve safety, comfort and eco-performance of advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS).

TomTom Maps SDK

Develop solutions that quickly deliver relevant context and content with our modular, scalable, customizable SDKs.

TomTom Satellite Imagery

Give your customers the world with satellite imagery – a fresh, real-life map layer that visualizes the earth’s surface in vivid detail.

TomTom Map Maker

Design your own map, customize every little detail and store it on the TomTom cloud. Display the updated elements in your apps within minutes.

Try Map Maker

Map data and TomTom Maps Display API

Build a map experience that makes your app stand out from the crowd with the Map Display API. Select fully customizable map tiles in vector or raster format. Apply your own style, add your own data and easily integrate your map in a web or mobile app.

Build a better map, together

A strong base to contribute to and build on, TomTom Orbis Maps brings together the resources of the world to make the map that makes any use case possible.