Home or the office?
Why not both?

Work flexibility at TomTom

We’ve all been there
Remember rushing to the office because your alarm didn’t go off?

Ever had a team meeting interrupted by your kids fighting, or a neighbour drilling on a Monday for some strange reason?

We’ve all been there and wished we could decide where to work...
Working at TomTom
Well, good news – the solution is called Working at TomTom, or W@TT to keep it easy.
W@TT is TomTom’s activity-based working strategy in action, giving you the freedom, with your manager and team members, to decide where you work to create the best projects.

What does this work flexibility mean for you?

Let’s say you’re working on a project that involves a lot of people. With W@TT, you can come to the office to meet up, collaborate, brainstorm and solve problems together.
Or, you might have something important due by the end of the day and you need some time to think and focus. Then why not stay at home or use one of our office silent areas?
The point is, whether you need collaborative, quiet or social time, either face-to-face or online, everything is possible with W@TT. It’s all about choice and what works for you and your team.

How will you benefit from work flexibility?

Home office benefits

As soon as you start at TomTom, you’ll receive a home office set-up budget* for you to create a comfortable work environment. More than that, every month, you’ll receive a financial contribution to help cover some of your home expenses.

Inspiring offices

No more rows of desks and chairs. We’ll have some cool, uniquely designed spaces, each with dedicated areas for you to focus, collaborate, connect, or just grab a smoothie!

Working from another location

You can work elsewhere in your country of employment and may also be able to work in another country/state temporarily.**
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So, are you ready to finally work in a way that’s right for you?

* TomTom’ers with a contract under six months, contractors and interns are not eligible for the benefit.
** Please explore the possibilities with your Talent Acquisition Consultant during the interview process.