TomTom is helping its people find their place in the world with their newest rewards
Christian Lynn·Jul 05, 2023

TomTom is helping its people find their place in the world with their newest rewards

Christian Lynn
Staff Writer
Jul 05, 2023 · 4 min read
TomTom has announced a new set of benefits | TomTom Newsroom

TomTom has made an announcement: it’s launched a new set of benefits. And these benefits fall under two principles. These are Grow and develop and Support for your whole self.

Grow and develop promises additional investment in each TomTom’er’s future. If you join TomTom, the intention is for it to feel like more than just a place to complete your work. With these benefits, you can fulfil your personal objectives with TomTom’s backing.

Next is Support for your whole self. This puts the emphasis on everything outside of work. Time is what’s being given. The time to spend with your new family members. Time to commit to causes that matter to you. It’s not only your work ambitions that are prioritized. TomTom wants to support you in your personal journeys as well.

In a recent interview, I spoke with Arne-Christian van der Tang, Chief Human Resources Officer on these new benefits. He described the inspiration behind them. “With the new rewards, we went back to what’s important to us – creating an environment where you can achieve the things you want to, not only from a professional perspective but also your personal life. Wherever you want to have the most impact.”

He said he wanted the benefits to help TomTom’ers “own their career development but also their own time, which leads to new opportunities down the road.”

More than that, Arne-Christian talked openly about his own experiences. “Say your family member or friend is sick, and I’ve experienced this myself. You need the flexibility to take the time to care for people close to you. I’m grateful that TomTom gave this to me and I’m happy that TomTom’ers will continue benefitting from this in the same way.”

What benefits do the principles provide?

Grow and develop

Wherever a TomTom’er wants to be in a week, month or year, the Grow and develop benefits give them the space to improve their skills and gain experience that will make their personal vision of the future happen.

Each TomTom’er receives a personal development budget. They can use this to invest in courses, learning resources or education to gain qualifications – anything that turns their aspirations into a reality.

Time can also be booked off work for professional development. Flexibility is in their hands. They choose what days they want to commit to growing in the areas they prioritize.

TomTom’ers work from different countries around the world: the Netherlands, India, Belgium, Germany, Poland and more. Plus, 5% of TomTom’ers work remotely and that number is growing. TomTom wants to keep the connection between teams strong. For this, teams will also get a budget that allows them to come together at least once a year, to focus, work, collaborate and of course, have some fun.

So, at least once a year, no matter the working location, there’s a dedicated budget to bring everyone together to focus and collaborate.

Support for your whole self

To support TomTom’ers with their families, hobbies and personal projects, TomTom has introduced the Support for your whole self benefits. These are designed to help people find their impact in their whole life, both personally and professionally. Firstly, TomTom introduced the new parental leave benefit. This came from a clear problem: not everyone receives the same support in their country of employment. TomTom identified this problem, improving its offering so everyone receives a consistent amount of parental leave. Now, anyone can enjoy those early moments together.

Then there’s the time off that can be taken for the things that matter outside of work. TomTom calls this “We Care,” and it includes additional days that can be booked for volunteering and care. Charity work or caring for a family member in need are both ways that TomTom’ers can use this benefit. The last benefit outlined is flexible public holidays. With a workforce made up of people from all over the globe, TomTom is allowing up to two days to be switched out for a holiday that means more personally (like Eid), or even just another day (perhaps a family member’s birthday?).

This announcement makes one thing clear. Giving its people time and flexibility will continue to be a priority for TomTom.

Get closer to a more flexible, supportive work life. Take a look at TomTom’s career page and see what positions are open if you’re ready to find your impact.

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