Navigation Software

Bringing connected navigation into the vehicle is a complex task. We have developed a range of software components and tools to simplify this task for OEMs.

TomTom's Navigation Engine - Navkit

TomTom's Navigation Engine - Navkit

Maps APIs

  • NavKit, TomTom’s Navigation Engine, implements complex navigation algorithms and logic required for a full turn-by-turn navigation application.
    This enables customers to develop their own custom navigation system while using TomTom’s state of the art technology.
  • NavApp is an Android-based reference application running on NavKit.
    NavApp has been designed to provide a simple and intuitive user experience, and includes a user interface (UI) that is also available on TomTom’s latest range of portable navigation devices.
  • The development of two cloud-based solutions, Maps APIs and NavCloud, is TomTom’s answer to a growing demand for off-board navigation.
    Maps APIs is a complete navigation application; NavCloud, the syncing and sharing solution, allows access to data inside and outside of the car.
TomTom's car cockpit

TomTom is known for designing user interfaces that are both intuitive and easy-to-use. Although not a hardware provider, TomTom has developed a vision of an in-car user experience powered by its software components. The result: the TomTom Car Cockpit prototype.

Equipped with a touch interface on the steering wheel, with voice recognition feature and an eye tracking device, the TomTom cockpit illustrates the company’s belief that navigation components should be fully integrated into the car’s architecture, which helps keep the driver safe: hands on the wheel, eyes on the road.