Automotive Solutions

TomTom delivers advanced connected navigation systems to our automotive partners. Our world-class, innovative services are trusted by leading OEMs and Tier 1 customers, globally.

TomTom products and services can be seamlessly combined to power innovative
automotive solutions and use cases. The key automotive solutions enabled by TomTom
products and services are Connected Navigation Systems, Advanced Driver Assistance System
and Autonomous Driving.

Connected Navigation System


Autonomous Driving

  • Our Connected Navigation System is based on automotive-grade components that
    allow OEMs to create branded, customised navigation systems.

  • TomTom delivers world-class quality content to support Advanced Driving Assistance
    Systems (ADAS) applications. With the help of our automotive partners, we make
    every journey safer and more relaxed.

  • Autonomous Driving or HAD (highly automated driving) is the most disruptive change
    in the automotive industry since the invention of the car. Autonomous Driving is the
    future, but TomTom is ready, today.