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Microsoft and TomTom

TomTom’s road analytics solutions head to Microsoft Azure Marketplace.

Microsoft Azure Maps and TomTom

Already a leading location data provider for Microsoft cloud services, TomTom is bringing its suite of road analytics products to millions of Microsoft Azure customers, starting with TomTom Junction Analytics: available for the first time in the Microsoft Azure Marketplace.

Since 2019, TomTom’s location data has powered mapping services across all of Microsoft, including Azure Maps, Bing, Cortana and Windows. Through their partnership, TomTom and Microsoft have put best-in-class geolocation technology into the hands of thousands of development teams worldwide, empowering them to build and manage location-informed applications. 

Now, that partnership is expanding to reach new horizons

Microsoft Azure customers can now purchase TomTom Junction Analytics in Microsoft Azure Marketplace. It’s the first of our road analytics products to become available on the cloud platform.

TomTom Junction Analytics leverages historical and real-time traffic data based on anonymized speed data from more than 600 million connected devices worldwide. The result is detailed, high-quality data delivered through intuitive tools, which road authorities, mobility providers, transport agencies and traffic management centers can use to create smarter mobility solutions — cutting congestion, reducing pollution and making roads safer.

Partnership Microsoft Azure Maps and TomTom

A match made in the cloud

By running on Azure, TomTom takes advantage of the global availability and scalability of Microsoft's cloud-based services. Offering TomTom maps and road analytics products on Azure Marketplace also allows the company to connect with more than four million monthly active users — helping TomTom reach a wider range of potential customers.  

Developers and enterprises also benefit from having TomTom’s solutions available directly through the Azure platform and marketplace. The move makes it easy for Azure customers to integrate TomTom maps, data and analytics into their solutions, with the added advantage of simple, transparent, unified billing and authentication. 

From powering mobile location search capabilities to autonomous driving solutions, the ongoing collaboration between TomTom and Microsoft makes critical location information more accessible than ever. It opens endless possibilities for businesses to run better, cities to manage traffic and mobility efficiently and people to navigate their world effortlessly. 

We’re pleased to welcome TomTom’s Junction Analytics to the Microsoft Azure Marketplace, which gives our partners great exposure to cloud customers around the globe. Azure Marketplace offers world-class quality experiences from global trusted partners with solutions tested to work seamlessly with Azure.

Jake Zborowski

General Manager, Microsoft Azure Platform, Microsoft Corp

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