Customer story


TomTom and Maserati partner to launch the all-new Maserati Intelligent Assistant in-vehicle infotainment system, powered by TomTom maps, navigation software and connected services.

Maserati Intelligent Assistant in-vehicle infotainment system, powered by TomTom

The challenge

Maserati was gearing up to launch its 2021 model lineup: the Ghibli, Levante, Quattroporte, and MC20 – its first new supercar in 16 years. The Italian automaker needed the right partner to introduce these groundbreaking new models, combining Maserati’s long racing heritage with the latest technology.

TomTom solution

The Maserati Intelligent Assistant (MIA) in-vehicle infotainment system includes TomTom’s wide range of traffic and connected navigation services, including destination prediction, over-the-air updates and a premium user interface. New to Maserati cars, the dynamic range mapping feature helps drivers visualize the vehicle’s range by displaying how far they can drive on their map. If the car’s battery or fuel is insufficient to make it to the selected destination, the driver will be prompted via an onscreen warning to navigate towards a charging point or fuel station. The EV services show charging points and their availability for Maserati’s upcoming electrified Folgore range, slated for 2021.

The benefit

Maserati drivers benefit from TomTom’s integrated solution, displayed across both the center console and cluster screens. The user interface is customizable so the driver can adjust to their personal preferences.

Thanks to the integration of TomTom services and user interface, the MIA system can project moving lane and turn-by-turn guidance as well as speed camera, traffic and hazard warnings to the vehicle’s cluster screen.

Destination prediction is also a new feature, enabling the system to learn where the driver likes to go and prompt them with guidance.

Ultimately, Maserati and drivers benefit from safer, more efficient and comfortable vehicles.

We want Maserati drivers to get in their car and focus on their driving experience. TomTom’s navigation with integrated voice control allows for a seamless and safe experience.

Theo-Han Jansen

Head of e-Mobility and Connectivity at Maserati

Services delivered to the Maserati include: