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Trusted traffic info puts drivers in control

A mainstay of the compact car market, drivers all over the world have trusted the Ford Focus for decades. Its latest evolution takes drivers to all-new levels of safety and comfort with SYNC® 4 connected vehicle technology, featuring real-time TomTom Traffic.

Streets ahead

The more drivers know about the road ahead, the safer and smoother their journeys. With the latest TomTom Traffic info fully integrated with the Ford SYNC® 4 infotainment system, drivers of the all-new Focus stay informed about what’s happening on the road and stay more relaxed behind the wheel.

To make sure drivers have the most up-to-date and accurate traffic information, TomTom’s Traffic service processes billions of anonymized data points constantly and sends the results every 30 seconds. Thanks to these powerful traffic insights, Ford Focus drivers don’t just steer clear of congestion, they also enjoy enhanced route calculations and hyper-accurate estimated times of arrival (ETAs). Altogether, it saves time, fuel and stress – making every journey even better.

Ford Focus interior

Automakers choose TomTom Traffic for its accuracy, freshness and reliability. Ford’s decision to include TomTom Traffic in its new SYNC connected vehicle technology is another step towards our vision of a world free of congestion.

Antoine Saucier

Managing Director, TomTom Automotive

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