Don't just estimate arrival times. Predict them.

Get the tools you need to increase the reliability of the estimated times of arrival (ETAs) driving your business.

Easy riders (and drivers)

TomTom's mapping technology helps provide an accurate, more timely, and stress-free driving experience for Uber riders and drivers.

First in last-mile deliveries

We chose TomTom because of their highly accurate routing, ETAs and expertise with last-mile deliveries.

Stay on track, and trace

We chose the TomTom Maps APIs to optimize our routes and offer accurate Track & Trace services to their customers.

The answer to the traveling salesman problem

We evaluate and optimize many millions of routes per day for field service calls with accurate travel times from TomTom.

Transform your business with predictive ETAs

Drawing upon the industry’s most precise, comprehensive traffic information and speed profiles, TomTom helps you take arrival times from estimated to predictive. Our complete offering of maps, traffic data and APIs helps ride hailing and fleet and logistics companies build hyper-accurate arrival times that optimize operations, save time and money, and increase end-user satisfaction.

Ride hailing

Ride hailing is a dance between the driver and rider – each need to be exactly where they said they would be, exactly when. For everything to work smoothly and reliably – you have to have all the right pieces – and we do.

Predictive arrival times are key to following the best routes to maximize trips, getting there on time and increasing rider trust in your app.

Industry-leading TomTom ETAs boost driver and rider satisfaction by:

  • Maximizing the number of trips to drive higher revenues

  • Reducing cancellations

  • Optimizing routing and rerouting

  • Increasing accuracy of fares and delivery

  • ETAs, increasing trust and peace of mind

  • Improving drop-off and pick-up accuracy

  • Providing global coverage in 80+ countries

Fleet management & logistics

Any glitch in the flow of drivers and goods can cause work disruptions, missed or delayed shipments, and cut into profits.

Our tools for hyper-accurate arrival times for long and short routes help improve fleet management operations by:

  • Reducing missed shipments and deliveries

  • Optimizing routing and rerouting

  • Helping companies assign drivers based on optimum arrival times, improving the bottom line

  • Increasing pickup and delivery accuracy to better prepare for loading and unloading

  • Giving drivers a safer, more reliable navigation experience thanks to routes made specifically for trucks that take weight, height and other restrictions into account

What's powering
predictive arrival times?

The industry’s best traffic.
Full stop.

No one knows the road like we do. Gathered from the industry’s largest probe network of 600+ million connected devices and updated every 30 seconds, our traffic data is how we stay ready for the unexpected. Which in traffic, is always right on time, at the worst time. With decades of mapping and automotive navigation experience, we map and create routes based on real-road driving scenarios that keep drivers and riders moving.

Our precise and robust route planning, scheduling, and ETAs are powered by our traffic technology, analytics and historical database – the oldest and largest in the industry.

ETAs your way

Choose our complete offering or select only what you need to boost your software stack, ETAs and estimated travel times (ETTs).

Whether you want a ready-made solution or more customized approach, we have everything you need for hyper-reliable routing built on predictive arrival times.

Routing API

Provide directions for cars, electric vehicles and trucks, enriched with real-time traffic information. Our Routing API calculates the most accurate route based on parameters set by you: vehicle type, traffic avoidance, waypoints, departure time and even freight type. To find the best routing combinations – without needing to calculate the full route – use the Matrix Routing feature.

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