In-dash navigation software
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In-vehicle navigation software

We provide reliable, easy-to-integrate, full-stack navigation software that delights drivers with TomTom’s user experience – with cost efficiency that meets connectivity budgets. Leading automotive companies around the world choose TomTom to power their vehicles’ navigation.
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Building on decades of successful experience in automotive consumer electronics, we understand best what drivers want and provide the same great experience in automotive systems.

Our online-first offering outperforms smartphone navigation through deep in-vehicle integration. Our tech works with vehicles’ sensors, provide lane-level navigation and feed information to advanced driver-assistance systems (ADAS) to control speed and braking for safer, more comfortable drives.
Leading software, delivering what drivers want
Online and offline navigation
We ensure an always up-to-date, responsive navigation system. Powerful cloud servers continually deliver fresh map data, online routing, guidance and search information. And if connectivity is limited or not available, our navigation seamlessly switches to off-line mode, continuing to provide clear navigation without any interaction needed from the driver.
Phone-to-car in one easy click
TomTom makes the phone-to-car connection simple and complete, so you can send any location from your phone to the car in one easy click. We also provide a companion app for features such as departure warnings and last-mile navigation.
ADAS capabilities for advanced driver assistance
For vehicles with advanced driver-assistance system features like adaptive cruise control, powertrain control or lane assist, TomTom delivers highly accurate map content. The map includes detailed information about upcoming sharp turns, steep hills, speed limits, road signs and more to enable predictive control for increased safety, efficiency and comfort on the road.
Complete with connected services
The driver experience is enriched by our real-time traffic and connected services, including speed cameras, fuel prices, advanced weather and parking. TomTom is the market-leader for accurate ETAs and most optimal routes, providing drivers with the most reliable information for worry-free journeys.
Voice navigation for safer driving
Drivers can keep their eyes safely on the road thanks to pre-integrated, easy-to-follow voice guidance. No more worrying about missing a turn or being surprised by an upcoming hazard.
The power of community
Our community includes more than 600 million connected devices used by drivers worldwide, in automotive navigation systems, mobile apps and consumer devices. We continuously use the data from our community to improve the TomTom navigation experience and send real-time updates and hazard warnings.
In-dash navigation software
Designed for automakers
A single provider of complete, global solutions for the full-stack navigation experience.
Fine-tuned navigation to fit any platform in any vehicle in any region, while reducing costs and complexity.
Customizable look
Automakers can keep their brand identity, adjusting fonts, icons, voices, layout styles and more.
Enables various configurations based on region, storage space and connectivity options.
Professional support
If any questions arise, experienced TomTom engineers are there with dedicated support.


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