Here's a sneak peek at our CES 2024 product demos
Editorial team·Nov 23, 2023

Here's a sneak peek at our CES 2024 product demos

Editorial team
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Nov 23, 2023 · 6 min read
Sneak peek: TomTom's CES 2024 demos | TomTom Newsroom

In January TomTom, along with hundreds of other tech companies from around the world, will be attending CES2024 in Las Vegas. The event hosts more than 100,000 visitors who are all keen to get a look at the latest tech that keeps the world moving. As TomTom readies for itself for January, we got a sneak peek at some of the demos the mapmaker will be showing off.

TomTom will be showing off its full suite of products on its stand at CES, including its EV services, traffic analytics products, digital cockpit platform and its new map tech. It’ll also have a dedicated area for developers wanting to see how to integrate TomTom’s tech into their products. The company will be in the Las Vegas Convention Center’s West Hall, on the 3rd Level in booths W311 and W312, Tuesday, January 9 to Friday, January 12, 2024.

Showing of its new map tech

Maps are at the core of pretty much everything TomTom does. So naturally, its new map and associated tech will be taking center stage in its demos. “This [our demos] is the jumping off point for anyone interested in learning about how maps and TomTom’s tech can help their business,” Cyril Leman, Director Product Marketing, says.

At its maps demo station, TomTom will show off two key pieces of tech: its new map, TomTom Orbis Maps, and Map Maker.

Map Maker is a tool which allows users to craft and style maps to fit their brand, use case, and application — the company will be showing off maps made for various use cases such as EV, delivery, and ride-hailing.

Alongside this, TomTom will also be demonstrating Map Maker’s AI capability. To truly see how powerful this tech can be, you have to see it for yourself, but imagine being able to customize a map by simply asking it to display and augment the map to how you want. This isn’t a voice command driven interface, this is a true LLM-powered tool where it interprets your prompts and applies it to the map — the learning curve of using the tool just got a lot smaller.

A woman on a laptop using TomTom's Map Maker tool.TomTom's Map Maker tool allows brands to easily style and design how maps look in their applications.

TomTom is also showing off TomTom Orbis Maps. Nicklaus Sy, Product Marketing Manager Maps, will be there showing customers and partners how its different map layers can solve challenges most important to them — whether it’s fleet and logistics, ride hailing, automated driving, or EV.

“With TomTom Orbis Maps, our customers can simplify their map stack due to its standardized, rich and high-quality map,” Sy says.

If you’re keen to get your head around TomTom’s new map and how it stacks up, this is the demo to catch.

TomTom Digital Cockpit

The TomTom Digital Cockpit is changing the way carmakers build their in-vehicle experiences.

At the TomTom Digital Cockpit demo, observers will get a first-hand look at the open and modular infotainment platform. We don’t want to share any spoilers, but the team will be showing off how TomTom’s Digital Cockpit can be used to create a highly connected driving experience.

A picture of TomTom's Digital Cockpit in action on a virtual road.TomTom's Digital Cockpit is promising to change the way people drive. It brings advanced in-vehicle tech and infotainment into an easy to work with package for carmakers and developers, supporting multiple screens.

The TomTom Digital Cockpit is much more than that, though. “It’s about a lot more than just the aesthetics of the infotainment system,” Filip Klippel, TomTom Automotive Product Marketing, says. It’s the whole foundation and platform on which in-vehicle experiences can be made.

“It’s extremely modular, easy to work with and integrates across a spectrum of Tier-1 hardware platforms. It’s also complimented by a large network of partners and built-in apps, to create a ready-to-deploy platform that can be tailored for every brand, vehicle, or model,” he adds.

TomTom for electric vehicles

While much of TomTom’s electric vehicle technology appears in digital cockpits, it’s a distinctly different set of technologies. And it’s a set of technologies that’s designed to support the driver experience beyond the driver’s seat.

TomTom’s EV Specialist, Balraz Singh, says, “We [TomTom] sees the EV driver experience as broader than just their interaction with the vehicle. The driver’s needs extend further than that. So, we’ll be showing off how we can make the EV driving experience, seamless and simple.”

Indeed, at the event TomTom will show off a broad range of tech, including a cockpit set up, a companion app and an EV charging station. This will show off how charging, and the EV experience, can be made to, “Feel like part of the vehicle, instead of being disjointed like is often the case now,” Singh adds.

Complex but efficient delivery routes for fleets

For those interested in fleet and logistics and ride-hailing, specifically fleet dispatch, last-mile deliveries, rider-driver matching and routing, TomTom will be showing off the capabilities of its APIs and SDKs that allow companies to optimize their operations in these areas.

TomTom will demo how companies in these industries can set up dispatch zones, compute the most efficient route to make many stops in a given area and understand how to get from a single starting point to multiple end points in the best possible way.

TomTom's Fleet Dispatcher in a screen.TomTom's location tech is great at helping fleet managers plan complex deliver routes with multiple end points.

“TomTom makes maps and has the location technology to effectively support all types of fleet management use cases, from order intake to driver navigation to post-drive analysis,” Julija Babre, Senior Product Marketing Manager, says.

“Fleet Dispatcher and last-mile optimization are just two examples of what’s possible with map data, historic and real-time traffic and TomTom’s easy-to-use APIs and SDKs. These developer-friendly components can be combined in many ways to create complete and fully integrated Fleet Management Software (FMS) for many different use cases,” she adds.

Real-time traffic and traffic insights

It’d be remiss for TomTom to go to CES and not show off its class-leading road traffic insights and technology.

For those interested in traffic stats, think city and town planners, infrastructure designers, insurance companies, and researchers, TomTom Move and Traffic Pro are useful tools in understanding where traffic pinch points are, how traffic moves through our cities, and how people move around. These tools show off real-time traffic for road management and historic travel patterns for deeper analysis.

“TomTom Traffic provides the foresight for drivers to see what’s ahead and take action so they’re not late, it gives utility companies the knowledge to know which days have the lowest impact on drivers, and it gives cities the insights to make smarter decisions and build the cities of the future,” Andy Marchant, Portfolio Marketing, says.

TomTom's Traffic Analysis platform in tablet.TomTom's historic and real-time traffic analysis tools help design better infrastructure, manage traffic flows and reduce pollution.

See you at CES

The 2024 edition of CES will be an exciting one for TomTom. Over the past 12 months it’s announced several new products, it launched the Overture Foundation as one of its founding members, and it lifted the lid on its latest map and database, no less.

There’ll be a lot more than the demos happening on TomTom’s stand over the days at CES, though. There’ll be meetups and Q&As, and there’ll even be an area just for developers so they can get to grips with how easy it is to integrate TomTom location tech into their products. So, be sure to check TomTom’s channels for more detail on those in due course.

If you want to get hands on and get to grips with what each of these demos has to offer and you’re at CES be sure to swing by TomTom’s stand. If you want to really get under-the-hood of this tech, it’s best to book a dedicated meeting slot. TomTom will have more information on this soon, so keep your eyes peeled on how to do that.

For now, see you at CES.

Want to see TomTom's demos for yourself?

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