Mobility and on-demand

Whether you manage on-demand rides, just-in-time food deliveries or last-mile package deliveries, our location tech has you covered. Global mobility and on-demand service providers like Uber use TomTom APIs, SDKs and datasets to plan efficient routes, serve up accurate travel and arrival times and ensure a seamless experience for both drivers and customers.

Find destinations with doorstep accuracy

Improve the pick-up and drop-off experience with precise geolocation data. Our accurate entry points are anchored to verified address points, so drivers always get the shortest travel time and can find the correct delivery location on the right side of the building without hassle.


Predict accurate travel and arrival times

Accurate travel times and estimated times of arrival (ETAs) mean happy drivers and users. Plan yours with precision using our routing technology and predictive traffic, powered by more than 600 million devices worldwide.


Build an engaging navigation experience

Enrich your apps with map visualization, driver guidance and custom routing for every vehicle size and type. Share turn-by-turn directions and alerts about events like road closures and traffic jams to help your drivers navigate confidently, efficiently and safely on every route. 


Choose the right driver for every job

Finding it hard to decide which driver to dispatch for each on-demand ride or delivery? Let our matrix and batch routing tools do the heavy lifting for you. Easily match a request and retrieve an ETA for all drivers at the same time to determine which one is best positioned to take on the job. Use trip cost calculations to let customers know up front how much they can expect to spend on a ride. 


Ensure vehicles are used responsibly

Make sure your drivers stay on the right route and safely under the speed limit. Use geofencing to define areas where vehicles can be used or set up restricted areas that drivers should avoid. Detect potential speed violations by using our extensive legal speed limits data and receive an alert when a driver has veered off their designated route. 


Keep users in the know with live updates

When is my food delivery arriving? Is my rider waiting at the designated pick-up spot? Use our geofencing and tracking technology to keep customers updated on their driver’s or delivery’s location or to alert drivers when a rider is approaching a pick-up location. Use trip cost calculations to let customers know up front how much they can expect to spend on a ride. 



Build with TomTom location tech

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