How Simacan manages transport efficiently using TomTom data
Kenneth Clay·Dec 03, 2020

How Simacan manages transport efficiently using TomTom data

Kenneth Clay
Sr. Marketing Manager
Dec 03, 2020 · 5 min read
How Simacan Manages Transport Efficiently Using TomTom Data | TomTom Newsroom

Digitalization plays a huge role in how logistics operations are implemented today. But how do you make sure all processes are handled smoothly and aren’t unnecessarily complex?

Enter Simacan, an end-to-end supply chain platform that provides full visibility and control over transport and logistics processes. Together with TomTom, Simacan helps all players in the transport delivery chain to work better together, making transport more manageable, efficient and sustainable.

Founded in 2012 by two TomTom employees, Simacan launched with the mission to put everything on the map and make it visible to those who need it. Having access to real-time predictive information can make all the difference between delivering goods on time and falling behind schedule. To help businesses manage shipments efficiently, Simacan provides one platform for streamlining transport management and providing clear visibility of delivery journeys.

The difficulties of managing transport

As technologies continue advancing, businesses must adapt their methods of communication and deliveries to provide the best service possible to customers. For a business to thrive, there’s no question that it would have to continue adapting and adopting the most efficient methods, especially regarding logistics.

One increasingly important but challenging aspect of logistics is visibility. Customers always appreciate full transparency - and knowing the location of one’s package not only eases their minds, but also the drivers’.

The task of planning and executing transportation operations isn’t easy, especially if a business works with multiple carriers. All types of information must be accounted for and communicated to the right people as quickly as possible. For instance, what happens if a truck is running late due to a traffic jam but has assets to deliver on a tight deadline? Challenges such as this can be overcome by ensuring everyone gets access to the same platform – and therefore the same information. With efficient communication tools, a nearby delivery driver could potentially meet the truck that’s running late, transfer assets from one vehicle to another and get the goods delivered on time after all.

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Control tower, Simacan

Control tower, Simacan

Providing the right communication tools to facilitate transport delivery

Simacan’s supply chain platform offers a unique cooperation model: openness. By consistently providing visibility into what’s happening, drivers and operators can adjust as needed in real time. Simacan takes the complexity out of transport execution by orchestrating digital collaboration between all players in the sector, using real-time data exchange.

The following features of Simacan’s platform facilitate the various processes involved in logistics:

  • Control Tower allows you to manage your transport fleet from end-to-end from one desktop interface.

  • Arrival monitor provides information such as transport delivery time on a display at a shop, hub or distribution center.

  • Driver notifications combine information from transportation or fleet management systems to provide drivers with real-time route guidance.

  • Customer notifications inform consumers about their delivery times.

Harmonizing all this information doesn’t just enable customers to receive unambiguous, real time information about their shipment. It also allows operators and shippers to have continuous, shared insight in exceptions for future planned deliveries, taking into account traffic, last-mile information and safety warnings – leading to a more accurate and reliable estimated time of arrival (ETA) and the ability to intervene where necessary. Simacan thus caters to all parties involved in the transport delivery journey.

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Collaborating for better planning and execution in transport delivery

Taking into account current traffic conditions is vital to getting accurate and reliable ETAs. For that, having access to the most up-to-date maps is necessary. Traffic conditions and locations are dynamic, so map updates need to be continuous. That’s why Simacan partnered with TomTom – a location technology specialist that’s no foreigner to the mapmaking industry.

Using TomTom map and traffic data, Simacan gets access to a database covering the complete road network in Europe, along with information such as incident data, flow feed and traffic speeds. Importantly, Simacan can integrate TomTom’s data and services with their own routing and ETA algorithms and adapt the TomTom technology to their unique preferences and needs. Using a crowd-based solution and including community input from TomTom, Simacan can easily manage high volumes of assets and run operations efficiently. Aiming to expand their footprint in Europe, Simacan will continue improving ETA in various geographies, such as mountain regions, and plans to bring TomTom along with them on the journey.

The future of fleet and logistics

With efficient and sustainable transport delivery managed from one platform, it’s easier to include additional features as demands evolve. Simacan is excited to move forward with new innovations, including pre-process information. This gives customers pre-calculated content, such as time-distance calculations, allowing them to perform transport planning operations.

In the future, we can expect even more openness between shippers and carriers – which means better safety, reduced accidents and less damage liability. The partnership between TomTom and Simacan will play an important role in supporting businesses, as well as the wider fleet and logistics industry, with better supply chain insights and communication.

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