The Short Cut CES2024 wrap-up: AI, hydrogen engines and a flying taxi
Andrea Lorenzo Sacchetta·Jan 19, 2024

The Short Cut CES2024 wrap-up: AI, hydrogen engines and a flying taxi

Andrea Lorenzo Sacchetta
Staff Writer
Jan 19, 2024 · 3 min read
What caught our eye at CES2024 | TomTom Newsroom

We're back! It's a new year and time for another edition of The Short Cut. After a week at CES, the tech industry is brimming with exciting new products. With thousands announced, we've picked some of our favourites. The short version? AI was the hot topic, taxis can now fly and hydrogen engines are a thing. Let’s get started!

Hyundai prepares to take flight

It’s not the first time we’ve seen electric vehicles fly, but the Hyundai Motor Group stood out at CES2024 with its electric air taxi.

Hyundai Motor Group, particularly its advanced air mobility company, Supernal, unveiled an electric vertical takeoff and landing (eVTOL) aircraft, which it says will be in operation by 2028.

According to TechCrunch, the aircraft, called S-A2, is designed for suburban into inner city travel, for trips between 25 and 40 miles. Is this announcement from Hyundai an indication of where the company is heading? Will electric air taxis become a thing?

Bridgestone launches a new EV platform

Bridgestone Mobility Solutions, in collaboration with Webfleet, launched an EV Services Platform, unveiled at CES 2024, aiming to streamline access to EV services and accelerate fleet electrification.

What's a mapmaker got to do with electric vehicles?

The platform connects fleets with energy and mobility service providers, offering solutions for electric vehicle (EV) operations like smart charging, planning, fleet management, battery analytics and energy management.

TomTom and many other prominent service providers from energy and mobility industries have already committed to joining the platform this year.

Microsoft’s AI gets into the automotive world

The Generative AI revolution is not only helping us write better emails but has also leveled up the demands of today's consumers — and drivers. Now, drivers want more than just a route to follow. And CES was full of companies with new AI-powered tech for cars giving drivers a richer experience. Microsoft, together with TomTom, is a great example.

A few weeks before CES, Microsoft and TomTom announced a new partnership to bring Generative AI into vehicles.

Powering TomTom’s Digital Cockpit with TomTom Orbis Maps and Microsoft’s AI, drivers now can easily ask their car to find the most appropriate charging station, where to have lunch on their route, control windows, temperature, radio stations and many more functions — all with a single, natural conversational interaction.

Bosch prepares to launch hydrogen combustion engine

The German manufacturing giant, Bosch, announced its first hydrogen internal combustion engine for trucks and construction vehicles to be launched later this year, as reported by HydrogenInsight.

The company sees hydrogen as a pillar of future mobility, in addition to electrification, to meet the global sustainability targets. However, Bosch is not the only one, Hyundai, SK group, Croft Motors and others have also revived interest in hydrogen as a clean energy option at CES2024.

Delivery bots now can climb stairs

Mobinn, a Hyundai spinoff, showcased a delivery bot at CES that addresses a common challenge by similar bots: climbing stairs and navigating curbs, as reported by TechCrunch.

Unlike traditional delivery bots that struggle with curbs, steps and other right-angled road furniture, Mobinn's solution features flexible wheels and an articulating frame, allowing it to effortlessly climb stairs. The product is still being tested on Korean streets, and uses a LiDAR-based mapping system that allows it to operate whether it’s nighttime, or even raining and snowing.

That's all for this week's Short Cut, check back soon for more stories from the world of mapping, mobility, EVs and AI that catch our eye.

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