TomTom's Finance Graduate Program: A journey of learning and growth
Mehdi Comeau·Dec 22, 2023

TomTom's Finance Graduate Program: A journey of learning and growth

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Mehdi Comeau
Dec 22, 2023 · 3 min read
TomTom's Finance Graduate Program | TomTom Newsroom

Are you looking to dive into the world of finance and kick-start your career? TomTom’s Finance Graduate Program is designed to take you on a rich learning journey that’s more than just a job. We talked to three participants – Carlos, Lotta and Valeria – to explore their experiences and shed light on what makes this program stand out.

What makes a graduate program meaningful? More than just learning in your field, it’s about being empowered to grow personally and professionally, discovering your strengths and coming to find where you will make your impact. TomTom’s Finance Graduate Program is designed to achieve just that.

As Lotta says, “The program builds on three different rotations, each giving you opportunities to acquire the skills you see fit for your personal and professional goals.” Valeria adds, “I was not sure about what role to choose for my future career. Having the chance to rotate in three different teams gave me perspective on what roles I like more, and what I am good at.”

Carlos, Lotta and Valeria have all been in the program for over a year and are now at the start of their third rotation.

Shaping future leaders

The program isn’t just about job rotations. It’s also about shaping future leaders at TomTom and helping each participant make a tangible impact through their own talents and abilities.

Valeria says that “Graduates are given responsibilities from day one. As young professionals, we bring value to each team we work with by offering fresh ideas and perspectives. Open discussions are fully encouraged.”

“I have certainly felt that my work has an impact,” says Lotta. Carlos shares the same sentiment: “I’m contributing to the company’s growth. Also, I’m impacting the final product our customers use, making their travel safer.”

Carlos adds that the program will help him navigate daily challenges in any company or even pursue an entrepreneurial venture of his own.

Tailoring your own journey  

“You have the opportunity to tailor life at TomTom to your interests and needs,” Lotta says. “I am, for example, a part of the social team that organizes social events for the finance organization.”

Lotta also chose to take part in TomTom’s mentorship program, saying, “I love the TomTom buddy/mentor program for new joiners. Having a mentor and being a buddy myself, I see so many positive things about this program.”

Valeria appreciates that “TomTom values flexibility and work-life balance for its employees,” which is just one of the benefits participants get to enjoy.

What (else) makes TomTom stand out

Carlos says that beyond improving his skills and the merits of the program itself, he chose TomTom because “the company operates in an exciting industry.” Lotta says the same: “Compared to other companies that have similar programs, I chose TomTom because of the industry it operates in. And people.”

During my interview process, I asked all of my interviewers what the best thing about their job was and almost all of them answered: people. After almost a year and a half in the company, I can fully confirm that.

Lotta Soudunsaari

TomTom Finance Graduate Program

Valeria just knew: “During the hiring process, I felt immediately that TomTom was the right fit for me: the company culture matched my expectations entirely.”

Embrace the opportunity  

If you’re looking for a graduate program in finance, look no further. Valeria says, “My advice is to apply without a second thought! See with your own eyes how this program can boost your career.”

Lotta recommends the program “for everyone who is willing to jump on a constant learning journey and find their own thing.” Carlos says, “it’s a great opportunity to kick-start your career and define your path.”

All in all, TomTom's Finance Graduate Program isn't just a program – it's a transformative journey. It's about finding your place in the world, making an impact and embracing a culture that values your growth and contributions.

So, if you're ready to embark on a journey of learning and thrive as a finance professional, you know where to start.

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