Capital Markets Day 2022

Capital Markets Day 2022

TomTom Capital Markets Day 2022 was held on Wednesday, November 2, 2022, at the A’DAM Tower in Amsterdam. The event featured presentations by our senior management. You can download and watch them below.

Read our press release on TomTom Capital Markets Day 2022 here.
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Full presentation
9 speakers, 3 hours and 2 minutes.
TomTom Capital Markets Day 2022
Harold Goddijn
Chief Executive Officer

Topic: Strategy update

Michael Harrell
Vice President, Engineering

Topic: The new Maps Platform

Laurens Feenstra
Vice President, Product

Topic: The new Maps Platform

Antoine Saucier
Automotive Managing Director

Topic: Driving growth in Automotive

Mike Schoofs
Managing Director, Enterprise

Topic: New opportunities

Johan Land
Chief Product Officer

Topic: Products and business model

Eric Bowman
Chief Technology Officer

Topic: Technology and competitive position

Taco Titulaer
Chief Financial Officer

Topic: Set for profitable growth

Corinne Vigreux
Chief Marketing Officer

Topic: Closing remarks