Success story

Subaru STARLINK® Multimedia

Subaru’s STARLINK® Multimedia infotainment gives drivers an improved experience through a combination of TomTom maps, navigation software and fresh user interface.

The challenge

In 2018, Subaru launched its next-generation infotainment system – Subaru STARLINK® Multimedia. To provide a great experience with an in-dash navigation system, Subaru needed to not only integrate best-in-class map and traffic information, but also the right user interface.

TomTom solution

When Subaru first released their STARLINK® Multimedia in-dash infotainment system, TomTom supplied the navigation technology. The following year, Subaru expanded their partnership with TomTom to launch an all-new STARLINK® Multimedia system that delivered best-in-class technology and user interface.

STARLINK® now gives drivers more control and comfort in every journey through a high-resolution touchscreen and intuitive user interface. TomTom provides integrated navigation software and customized route planning capabilities to the in-dash system. The touchscreen display features Low Fuel Warning alerts and an easy-to-read Route Bar that displays an easy-to-follow route overview throughout every drive.

The benefit

Subaru drivers can now jump in and go with ease in select models. Simply by pressing the map icon to plan their route, they can experience TomTom’s extensive map data through a slick user interface, being guided by turn-by-turn navigation for safer and more comfortable journeys from start to finish.

Services delivered to the Subaru STARLINK® Multimedia include: