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StreetLight and TomTom 

Illuminating new insights into how people, goods and services move

Streetlight and TomTom

How should a city allocate its billion-dollar infrastructure budget? Where’s the best place for a company to install new electric vehicle chargers?  StreetLight helps organizations answer these all-important questions. 

Founded in 2011, StreetLight Data Inc. uses big data analytics to gain greater insight into how people move and how transportation functions. A wholly owned subsidiary of Jacobs, StreetLight applies proprietary machine-learning algorithms and vast data processing resources to measure the travel patterns of vehicles, bicycles and pedestrians. The company makes these insights available to transportation professionals on-demand through its StreetLight InSight® software platform. 

Changing the mobility game 

Before StreetLight, it took manual counts, roadside surveys and months of data collection to understand travel and transportation patterns. After pioneering the use of big data analytics for smarter mobility and transportation, the company is making another groundbreaking move: joining forces with TomTom to expand the depth and reach of the data used in its digital tools.

The partnership includes incorporating TomTom’s best-in-class global data into StreetLight’s growing line of cloud-based analytics products. The company now has access to TomTom’s historical and real-time traffic data, based on anonymized speed data from more than 600 million connected devices.

Streetlight and TomTom

Reaching out to new possibilities 

With TomTom, StreetLight can draw on highly detailed and accurate travel and traffic information, covering a vast geographical range – adding to its already impressive store of data. This adds a new dimension to the company’s existing analytics solutions and offers the opportunity to develop all-new offerings. In this way, StreetLight can deliver even richer, more relevant insights to traffic planners, municipalities and other transportation professionals – helping them cut congestion, maximize infrastructure investments and keeping communities moving safely and smoothly.

TomTom’s extensive data coverage also opens the road to expansion into new markets beyond StreetLight’s home base of the United States. With TomTom bringing in data from more than 3.5 billion kilometers of roads all over the globe, it gives StreetLight a firm foundation for reaching into new regions – empowering organizations around the world to tackle their toughest transportation challenges.

As StreetLight looks to expand into new products and geographies, we’re excited to partner with TomTom. TomTom offers a huge increase in sample size, rich data characteristics and global reach. By integrating TomTom’s origin and destination trip information, we will open up powerful new solutions for our clients in infrastructure planning, combatting climate change and improving transportation for all.

Laura Schewel
CEO and co-founder, StreetLight

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