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The most successful on-demand mobility services are the ones that keep drivers and riders happy. At TomTom we know that reliable travel times are key to the success of our ride-hailing clients like Uber. Find out what our maps and traffic technology can do for your mobility services.

Accurate mapping is at the heart of Uber’s platform, which is why we’re thrilled to continue teaming up with TomTom.

Michael Weiss-Malik
Director of Product, Maps and GSS, Uber

Rely on precise travel times to meet driver and customer expectations

As a provider of on-demand services, your success rides on reliable travel times. Accurate estimated times of arrival (ETAs) are central to delivering on these expectations and instilling trust in both customers and drivers. Keep customers satisfied and give drivers greater certainty with accurate ETAs, powered by TomTom map data, real-time traffic information and geolocation technology.

How accurate travel times improve the driver and rider experience

Fewer cancelled trips

Studies show that failure to meet the promised pick-up time leads to ride cancellations and frustrated drivers. With reliable travel times, you can meet customers’ expectations and provide a better pick-up experience.

A relaxed ride

With confidence in the accuracy of the estimated arrival time, both drivers and riders feel more relaxed, reducing stress and increasing safety.

No unexpected surprises

Estimated fares based on theoretical travel times are often far from the final bill, leading to rider dissatisfaction. With hyper-accurate travel times, you can provide accurate trip costs estimates, giving riders and drivers greater trust in your service.

The science of travel time calculations

Unlike traditional fleet and logistics operations, on-demand services require trips to be confirmed within seconds of a rider’s request. This requires powerful algorithms that match drivers to riders, calculate a route and communicate a pick-up time to the rider. All within seconds.

Powerful algorithms are only as good as the data they crunch

Routing and matching algorithms rely heavily on two types of data: maps of the road network and traffic patterns. TomTom provides high-quality maps including key attributes such as speed limits, road type and applicable restrictions. By combining this with accurate traffic information, you can provide your users with routes that avoid accidents, closed roads and traffic jams.

From estimated to predicted – the secret formula behind accurate travel times

With over 30 years of experience of the road, TomTom is the partner you need for hyper-accurate ETA calculations. Hundreds of millions of drivers and businesses trust our expertise to give them accurate route calculations.

Working with our experts means that our technology adapts to yours. You can use our APIs as hosted services or integrate our map data and traffic services into your own software.

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