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Transform your city with TomTom Traffic 

As cities get bigger and busier, you need to get creative to keep them moving. TomTom Traffic solutions give you detailed mobility insights, helping you identify patterns in the way your city moves, and adapt your city’s infrastructure to make it more efficient and commutable.

Use real-time insights to transform how your city moves

Unleash the power of real-time traffic insights to revolutionize your transportation system. Our Traffic API, harnessing live data from 600+ million devices, lets you outsmart volatile traffic conditions and paves the way to cleaner, safer cities where everyone moves freely.

Tackle real-road pain points with historical data

Get direct access to the industry’s largest historical traffic database through TomTom Traffic Stats. Our road network analysis tool lets you dig deep into road speeds, travel times and traffic density. Use the insights to identify mobility pain points, assess the impact of road network changes, improve traffic management and more.

Understand and improve traffic and travel patterns

TomTom's Route Monitoring tool gives you a dynamic way to track traffic flow and travel speeds on key routes in real time. Connect it with Variable Message Sign (VMS) displays to update road users about conditions ahead, helping them make smarter travel choices.

Drive better decisions with industry-leading data

Gain profound insights into trip dynamics and drivers' preferred routes using our Origin-Destination (O/D) Analysis. By understanding travel patterns, you can take strategic action to reduce congestion and create a more sustainable and efficient transportation network.

Optimize road infrastructure for improved mobility

TomTom Junction Analytics offers an easy-to-use API and companion web app to optimize traffic flow at intersections. By ensuring traffic lights are timed right, you not only enhance safety and reduce delays but also help your city meet sustainability goals.

Web portal or API: the choice is yours

Available as APIs or via TomTom’s MOVE, our suite of solutions offers transportation planners, road authorities, businesses and drivers the insights needed to make smarter decisions, reduce congestion and improve mobility.

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