Automated driving

One of the main challenges carmakers face in realizing the full potential of automated driving (AD) is building safe and accurate systems in a scalable, cost-effective way. Sensors are one part of the equation. But for truly safe AD on a large scale, precise, up-to-date maps are key.
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Automated driving

Hyper-accurate TomTom maps complement onboard sensors

TomTom map technology makes it possible for AD systems to look beyond the limited range of car sensors. Our maps provide the required context that improves sensor perception and vehicle localization to help AD systems plan more precise paths and safer maneuvers.

Enhanced safety and efficiency for the road ahead

Different levels of AD and advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS) benefit from the granularity provided by TomTom maps. Our maps work in concert with sensors and artificial intelligence, helping AD systems to not only ‘see’ the road ahead but anticipate it.

Supporting Intelligent Speed Assistance

With speed restriction data from the TomTom ADAS Map, Intelligent Speed Assistance (ISA) systems can detect when a vehicle is speeding – alerting the driver and, when needed, automatically slowing the vehicle down. This improves Euro NCAP ratings and helps reduce speeding accidents.

Enabling Predictive Powertrain Control

Digital maps help trucks, passenger and electric vehicles with Predictive Powertrain Control (PPC) to better anticipate and respond to road conditions. Our ADAS map communicates with the vehicle’s PPC system to automatically adjust speed and shift gears, avoiding sharp braking and sudden acceleration.

Automated shared mobility solutions

As driving automation takes over the difficult and tiring parts of driving, driver comfort and safety will increase. These benefits will likely extend beyond private vehicles, supporting new shared mobility opportunities – such as robotaxis, with the potential to reduce congestion and CO2 emissions.

Detailed maps for different degrees of driving automation

We are helping make all levels of AD safer. Daimler Trucks, Alfa Romeo and Maserati use our maps to power their ADAS-equipped vehicles. And we partner with Renault, NVIDIA, Volvo and Toyota on research projects that are working towards reliable full AD.
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