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Our map technology is the industry standard, capturing relevant roads for turn-by-turn and automated navigation, search and display in real time.
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The world’s largest companies rely on TomTom for the freshest, most accurate ADAS and HD map content to empower billions of users – car manufacturers, fleet management organizations, cities and drivers – to enjoy a safer, more comfortable drive.

Our map never sleeps

Transactional map making

High tech with a human touch

Roads are changing every day – speed limits are updated, new businesses need to be listed, additional roads are built and streets are renamed. To ensure our maps mirror the world in the face of constant change, we developed an approach that combines high-tech mapmaking with community input.
If it’s on the road, it’s on our map

If it’s on the road, it’s on our map

Going beyond the number of points of interest and roads covered, we are building self-sustaining maps that update themselves to ensure users have the best, most complete information at all times.

Here’s how we map the world – over and over

Thanks to our intelligent map-making platform, we’re able to close the loop between the moment a change is detected in the real world to when it is updated on our map. Drawing upon our community of drivers and input from smartphones, sat navs and in-dash systems, we release continuous, incremental updates that are most relevant to where and how drivers move.
Maps for every need
Our maps make roads safer across all levels of automation.
We created the original digital map, helping billions of people move smarter, safer and more efficiently since 1991.
Live map
Real-time traffic and travel services breathe fresh data into our maps, reducing time in traffic, congestion and emissions.
ADAS map
Automating speed control and braking, our map for advanced driver assistance systems increases safety while decreasing fuel usage. This results in higher NCAP scores and lower insurance premiums.
HD map
Our HD Map is key to fulfilling the promise of safe, reliable self-driving cars, and a world where congestion and accidents are a thing of the past.


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