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Historical Traffic Stats

Since 2008, TomTom has been collecting anonymized GPS location data from our global providers and community. Using this massive volume of archived data, we built a powerful historical traffic database – unparalleled in the industry – to analyze, predict and improve traffic.
TomTom Historical Traffic Stats is a self-service product that analyzes historical location data and provides traffic insights on speed, travel time and sample size on the road network. Users can easily create customized reports to identify congestion bottlenecks, mobility pain points and capacity on the road.

View your reports with insightful data visualizations on the web portal or download the results for your own calculations. TomTom Historical Traffic Stats and the power of our historical data are always accessible and available 24/7.

Features and benefits

Easy-to-use interface

With an easy and intuitive interface, users are able to quickly choose specific locations, days and time periods to create a report.
Easy-to-use interface

24/7 accessible service

Quick analysis is accessible at any time.
24/7 accessible service

Road network analysis

Delivers route and segment-based information on average speed, travel times and sample sizes.
Road network analysis

Variety of formats available

Shapefiles, Json, Excel and KML – data formats that work best for API users are available.
Variety of formats available

Web app and APIs

TomTom Historical Traffic Stats is a self-service product accessed via the TomTom Move web application or via our developer APIs. Make use of ready-to-use visualization insights, plug the API onto your current solution and download the report data for your own custom analysis
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